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So you know

Our opinions on this aren't from a vacuum.

We've worked for companies and startups, and volunteered in open source doing this kind of stuff for ages.

Actually, Web apps, their APIs, and interacting and interfacing with native components is literally been part of our job description on most of these jobs.

We can actually tell the Discord team is trying to reduce the RAM usage.

But their flaw is fundamental .

The real problem really comes about from how many of these electron apps are being run and how they are handled.

hundreds of megs of ram are wasted just because you chose to use a framework that basically is chrome without borders so you can just use your webapp instead of actually coding something... good

The literal worst thing is harsh critique that is so harsh it makes you not ever want to try again

A non-pushy art club that everyone can interact with and get positive reinforcement as well as critique so it doesn't hit so hard

The NSFW cute naked otter compliment to that image :D

Lineart done by @Erin with minor modifications done by us.

#furry #furryart #art #krita #digitalart #nsfw

An @Erika Ottsune, Most of the lineart done by @Erin with some minor modifications! Done in #krita over the past 4 hours.

#furry #furryart #art #digitalart

Photosensitivity warning but, I'm kind of happy this still works.

Plasmas are such a fucking cool effect

where is the kickstarter to forbid lennart poettering for using a computer forever

Does anyone have the "Try Again" sample from DSI's Moto Racer by any chance?

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