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Oh no i posted this in public... tell my polycule i love the.....>ksshhhhhhhhhhhht<

we may only do it in private, because doing so in public may incite "reeducation" drones to target us.

today we hate our corporate overlord Alphabet Inc.

Fun Fact:

You will be spending the same amount of money on tech weather you are buying apple or otherwise to buy a decent machine nowadays.

what do you expect us to buy? shitty fucking chromebooks that cost 300$?

I'm sorry i'd rather buy something actually worthwhile which is nice than something i'm going to have to replace 6 times and can't even do half the things i want

If you can convince Nazis to not be Nazis en masse, there is a fucking Nobel peace prize in it for you.

hey fediverse #artists who follow me!

wanna make a logo for a my self-hosted AP/indieweb blogging software? i'll pay good $$$, but i will need to own the intellectual property, as it will be used in a FOSS (Affero GPL, like Mastodon and Pleroma) project. if it helps, i know what i want, but i can't do art.

i'm looking for a rabbit in the foreground, with the moon in the background, with the rabbit looking upward.

the project in question is called Michabo, named after the legendary Great Rabbit, patron of Chaos, Entropy and Discord.

let me know who you are, commission prices, when you can do it, etc. i'll figure out what works from there, I suppose.

this is not "piece work", i'll figure out what i want based on things you've already done to see if the style would be in agreement with what i want. if it is, we will go from there.

have a good night! looking forward to hearing from you!

@Kyna @rachel there is only one trans polycule, it's just impossible to graph at this scale

Premise: I guarantee that you are no more than six degrees separated from any trans person on earth via who they are or were dating. (Yes exs count)
(cc: @rachel )

@rachel For the record this is my car. And I’m the other transgal involved

@porsupah it is not, i was just visiting. I wish I knew who to credit

Well this one doesn’t open for another 30 minutes on to the next.

So I want you to imagine two trans girls in an ex-police interceptor, waiting outside a bakery for it to open.

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