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did a quick [one hour composition], It's not very good but we're happy we managed to get something down in an hour...

it literally sometimes feels like our future got stolen.

during this same time we had literally made players for internet radio, ones that looked nice, and were super functional.

we felt like we could actually, with some more learning and training, go on to do more...


in high school i literally worked for people working on flash games

I literally worked on implementing the dynamic gameplay and high score and all of that shit that was on some of the games that went there

and i loved it, it was so cool.

and then everything just... felt like it collapsed right when we were going to release our first own game we had made from everything.

i just looked at stuff i made /8 years ago/

for flash games, that never got a real release because by the time they were finished, people were basically screeching that flash was the worst thing.

they screamed that so loud that so many of us who were already self conscious about our work just gave up.

i'm upset and im taking it personally.

you're all reading and knowing us as someone who has been loud about software dev and all of that.

but you're missing where its really coming from in our heart.

this isn't about flash the software, this isn't about flash the art style

this is about the thing that people don't have now, a easy, low effort, enjoyable, fulfilling way to create games and animation that might lead them down a path to trying to do more of that.

and that is what i miss, that is why im upset.

our anger at there not being a real replacement for flash that is well tooled is one from someone that

Made games and animations in flash, got her start in making music doing so for flash games, walked that walk, and still does art, games, and music today because of what we fell in love with then.

and now has watched people not be able to just make these low effort things that ended up causing them to fall in love with animation and game making.

huge reminder.

/we are not just someone arguing from a software side of things/

We are a fucking artist, we make music, we do art, both traditional and digital [as much as we dislike ourselves], we have been doing this since as long as we can remember in our life.

our feels and whatnot, come from that artistic part of ourselves more than anything else. Our distrust and upsetness at the /tech community/ is one that has come from what we've seen them do to the artistic community.

to people who are going to come and read our thread and say "Flash should have been open sourced"

sure it would have sustained it for a bit longer, but it wouldn't have made things better.

Flash should have been properly supported, or actually been replaced with something better.

instead neither happened.

to anyone who says that the open source community can do good with that, have you seen the open source alternatives? Have you seen their literally garbage tooling?

i'm doubtful.

Flash CS4 with AS3 is still miles ahead of everything we've used to make games in javascript.

that should really say something.

but heres the thing.

Flash dying shouldn't have killed the community, shouldn't have killed the artform, shouldn't have done what it did to the communities

no, that fault is on the greater community who did nothing but yell about how bad it was and how it dying was a good thing, while not working towards trying to make something better, and making tooling that worked for all creators.

Lets make one thing clear,
you can basically blame the 3 As for flash dying

Adobe, Apple, and Android.

Adobe dropped the ball, then despite having the tooling best for creators, they let their platform stagnate and go to death.

Apple didn't want to deal with the bullshit of adobe dropping the ball

Android did, but somehow made it worse than it was when it was already falling into shit.

Flash was so many people's first foray into animation, or games.

including ours.

we are incredibly sad that so many people won't have the same chances we did back in the day, and people don't value it the same way they used to either.

Malicious code is malicious, regardless of what it's written in.

A browser is just as likely to have a security hole as a browser plugin was.

good job everyone for basically ruining the internet with bad information, and making it 110% less fun.

lets stop pretending that Javascript is somehow not equally as dangerous as flash, because it is.

we've seen that over and over again to the point that those of us that are more security conscious literally use tools that prevent Javascript running on our systems without our permission.

maybe someday, the tools for doing things with WebGL, Canvas, etc will evolve to be as good as flash was, maybe.

but at the moment, they are worse, don't stay working for nearly as long, and require so much more to just start up and learn.

to this we put forth, maybe it WASN'T flash at fault here.

we're not saying that the security vulnerabilities didn't exist, they did, they were bad, but it was never the only factor.

The only thing that we've seen the gradual loss of flash is, also, the gradual loss of fan animation, furry animation, ete, open as an option for so many young people to have as their outlet.

Trying to do the same thing today is so much harder than it was then, and it's only been getting worse.

The collective hate and killing of flash by the tech community was a terrible thing and has made the internet so much less fun.

5 years ago, everyone was arguing about how flash was the most insecure piece of garbage and caused all the security problems

fastforward to today and the same problems pretty much exist, but flash is fairly rare.

you know what...

talking with other people and all of that has made us not nearly as scared to say this 100% hot take material.