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The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:

remember: the idea of blogs was for opinion pieces, not "fair reporting of news"

ML is one of Computer research's "Nuclear technologies", it has tremendous potential bringing all people better lives, but just as much a potential to bring us all a dystopian end.

Not all paths of technological research are good ones. All Technology can be used for good and for evil.

Consider Nuclear technology for a great example of this duality of technology.

Nuclear weapons are terrible machinations that guarantee the destruction of all peoples.

Nuclear power is one of the few technologies we have that can provide safe and [relatively] clean power compared to fossil fuels.

note: I am not naysaying progress, Progress is good. The problem is when we forget the reason we want progress.

Progress is supposed to aid and support people-kind, Technology can be created to both support and destroy us. The path we seem to be taking is one of our own demise.

This is what we mean when we say this, modern data storage technology has made it possible to record and store nearly everyone's likeness, additionally we post our own videos and audio all the time.

there will be a point where ANYONE will be targetable in the near future.

There is nothing we can do to stop the forward path we are on now. we will all have to learn how to exist in such a world, hopefully it won't be extremely soon.

what do we mean by we won't be able to trust our eyes and ears?

Right now there is already the technology to create convincing near indistinguishable video of any public figure's likeness, as well as their voice. ML brought us here.

we all are increasingly entering into a world where we can't even trust our eyes and ears in any digitally touched realm.

It's a scary brave new world out there, and we don't believe anyone alive is ready to deal it.

a good example of this is visible in the machine learning crowd, ML brings so many possibilities to the table but many of them are extremely dangerous to people's lives, just because you can have a computer figure out an algorithm that can do certain tasks doesn't always mean that task is a good one to pursue.

A great example of this is Facial recognition and match. Another is stitching and creation of fakes that look extremely real of voice and likeness.

one of the biggest problems with technology and such is people just charging ahead with ideas without looking at the social consequences of such technology.

Another angle of the technicolor dyes. This one I also really like but not quite as much as the other. I'll likely upload it elsewhere later.

@MightyPork they are okay, nice to look at pics for showing a thing quickly, i don't think them of the same caliber as the rest of our photography.

they would have hit the reject pile with no second guesses normally but the subject was just too cool to not share

a few junk shots [its pretty much impossible to get good shots of this, even with our aperture all the way open we were still shooting at 1/8th in places /without a polariser/] of a lunar orbiter camera module.

Also at the eastman museum.

speaking of irritating shots that required a polariser. A [very small subset of the] collection of synthetic dyes used by Technicolor!

that said, it's actually very rewarding to take photos there, despite how hard it is!