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Another angle of the technicolor dyes. This one I also really like but not quite as much as the other. I'll likely upload it elsewhere later.

a few junk shots [its pretty much impossible to get good shots of this, even with our aperture all the way open we were still shooting at 1/8th in places /without a polariser/] of a lunar orbiter camera module.

Also at the eastman museum.

speaking of irritating shots that required a polariser. A [very small subset of the] collection of synthetic dyes used by Technicolor!

Another picture from the george eastman museum This one of tulips we photographed in the garden

some notes for those who don't know.

This long exposure brings out a lot more detail than you can actually see in person simply because it can pull in more light. Take the image in this post as an example [unprocessed, simply exported to jpeg.], the room this photo was taken in was almost pitch black excluding the image projected onto the wall from the pinhole.

so you probably have heard of a Camera Obscura, at the George Eastman house, there is a pretty neat one, and I took a long exposure so you guys can see it too!

There are two versions here, as you view it, and a flipped version if you struggle to process what you're seeing, its really cool to see in person and I highly recommend visiting it sometime.

probably don't have to say it but.

don't swim in the Hudson. Ever.

you know its kinda crazy whats really close to us actually

Utah... Mormons... WTF Utah...Mormons...jpeg


(read the Alt Text)

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