Hi if you drive.

Check your lights, every fucking time you drive.

don't drive if you don't have lights. Call a fucking taxi.

You could kill someone.


Remember: the shoulder on residential roads without sidewalks is often where pedestrians must walk.

Don't use it to overtake, don't use it as a turn lane at traffic lights, and remember to watch there, especially at night.

your errand or appointment, or whatever is not more important than the people who also must use the road's life.

Remember, there are pedestrians and cyclists on the roads as well as motorists, don't forget about motorbikes and scooters either.

fucking watch for us.

@rachel ... I forgot people do this

Only emergency services do that here, and even then it's rare. Our shoulders have broken down cars quite often.

We don't have shoulders at intersections usually, it becomes a turn lane, except in the city where there's almost always a sidewalk.

@rachel Sucks for people who have to walk out in the country tho, but, the shoulder is used as a break-down lane first and foremost and it's very dangerous to break down at an intersection.

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