WD-40 is not that miracle substance that everyone thinks it is and we are REALLY tired of that being repeated all the time.

We think the biggest annoyance was how King of the Hill made it just like this, magical thing and a bunch of people who don't know enough of what they're doing just use it fucking wrong.

if you're working in a shop, you cannot just use one single magic substance, you need several different kinds of lubricants, penetrants, etc.

stop pretending fucking WD-40 is that now!


we've had to fix so many things that people idly sprayed WD-40 into without thinking about what it really does.

Don't DO THAT.

you're probably not looking for WD-40 when you use it.

WD-40 removes lubricant that is already there, cutting it with a lighter petroleum compound.

use the right stuff for the job, we're not going to explain what these are because there are 10,000,000 different things for everything here and it would take days to explain them all.

[hint: it's probably not WD-40]

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