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So you know

Our opinions on this aren't from a vacuum.

We've worked for companies and startups, and volunteered in open source doing this kind of stuff for ages.

Actually, Web apps, their APIs, and interacting and interfacing with native components is literally been part of our job description on most of these jobs.


its not because we think writing webapps is bad. its not because we think using frameworks are bad.

it's because electron tries to do this job badly.

Azidoazide Azide @rachel

If you want to look at the precursor to electron, and how it can be handled better.

Look at XULRunner, Firefox, and many of mozilla's apps. Look at XAML, Look at QT QML.

These integrated better into their expected environments despite using frameworks and tools, some of which EVEN USED FUCKING HTML.

Electron is bad because they went too far in removing the developer from the environments they are developing for.

It told people "a web app in a browser is native enough" without thinking about the myriad of problems with this way to go about it.

its why we have apps that behave completely different from the environment they are running on, and ignore any accessability settings that may be configured, such as specific fonts, DPI settings, use of screen readers, etc

@rachel Electron is fucking terrible about DPI and accessibility hardware.