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interaction rules:

if a post is public, it is an invitation to boost it

if you want to boost a private post, poke us and ask. We will either a) post it publically or b) give permission to copy it if it makes sense

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Interaction Rule:

Do /NOT/ under any circumstances

talk to us, recommend to us, try to explain to us Arch Linux, systemd, or etc.

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reminder: If you send us a follow request, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW HOW WE KNOW YOU / WHY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW US.

Otherwise we'll be ignoring/rejecting it. Sorry.

[yes this is boostable]

hi, I don't post from this account anymore.

I post from @foxiepaws and @rachel now.

This account should be considered backup if that infrastructure goes down.


Serious question; have I been invisible or unable to be replied to since I moved my instance to the new server???

Is that why literally basically no one has been interacting with me for a couple weeks?
so some notes,
FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE has well... released,, delphox, and all run on the /latest/ production release of FreeBSD.

Right now umbreon is starting the update process, then builds for the new ABI for will be pushed and all of the systems will be upgraded.

I'll keep everyone in touch with the process as it goes.

some fyi for users, hosting is having a power fault. not much i can do.

reminder: mastodon is not the only software running in the fediverse, thats why its called the fediverse and not the mastoverse.

mastodon wasn't even the first fediverse software to exist, nor is it the only living project right now.

Be kind to your fellow people on fedi, and don't diminish the effort of us all, working to make it so federated social is a thing that we all can have.

if you know of any instances other than FSE that are allowing gabfugees, I'd love to hear about them. talking about the actual issues is the first step toward resolving them.

most of the Pleroma community already filters FSE due to the gabfugee problem, which is in part why they have jumped to the japanese-speaking instances -- easier to evade mods.
#fedicompo ideas:

- Any software and hardware is usable
- only post new ideas made for that week's compo
- don't be rude to other folks who are posting
- follow any additional things added for that week's compo.
- posts should be uploaded with #fedicompo + a tag for the compo number. e.g. #fedicompo1
- posts should be uploaded in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis where possible

prompt gets posted every monday, with a deadline for that saturday.

#music #musicprod #compos


run small little compos with themes every week that are directly done here on the fediverse. My thought is more a friendly environment instead of a competitive one. No voting for whos is best, just we all put our best work in and all get to see what each other can do...

any interest?

#music #musicprod #compos
so i was feeling like shit and decided to give myself a little "prompt" for a short peice.

make something that sounded like it could appear in a movie or a trailer of a movie. I ended up coming up with this and i'm surprised how on that idea it is.

#music #art #sunvox #trackertunes

fedi software meta, licencing 

fediverse software meta. 

so uh, yeah i am fennec.

i am very much fennec.

it worries me sometimes the concept that maybe people don't know i'm fennec ... and that makes me feel all kinds of dysphoria...


okay is up as well now.

i'm going to flop into bed now and start working on the more, social/squishy stuff now the tech stuff is mostly figured out
I've still got a bunch of stuff to do, such as writing a ToS and community info stuff, blocking a few instances, doing some frontend edits, etc.

right now, people who sign up, please use common sense... Please don't make me have to remove you.
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