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interaction rules:

if a post is public, it is an invitation to boost it

if you want to boost a private post, poke us and ask. We will either a) post it publically or b) give permission to copy it if it makes sense

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Interaction Rule:

Do /NOT/ under any circumstances

talk to us, recommend to us, try to explain to us Arch Linux, systemd, or etc.

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reminder: If you send us a follow request, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW HOW WE KNOW YOU / WHY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW US.

Otherwise we'll be ignoring/rejecting it. Sorry.

[yes this is boostable]

Hmm maybe I should just try e monotherapy… see if it fixes… things

but seriously

my tech takes are generally half baked.
my politics are also half baked.
my gaming takes are hilarious since i can't do anything there...
you seriously should take literally everything i say with a grain of salt at minimum.

hey in general ignore everything i have to say

i am dumb as rocks

what is baby first platformer so i can get better at them???

Broke my foam pad for 4panel rhythm… guess I’m just too fat for my enjoyment

If you have a recommendation for a game you think it be interesting for me to stream (not play, stream) let me know

Feel fucking awful after Final Fantasy 13, that gave me a migraine. I need to find something else to stream next time

My MacBook has killed my productivity so fucking hard with a feature I call the gaslight keyboard

I wonder what would happen if in the English translation you put a LTR command mark after any user settable field

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God software devs need to remember RTL marks exist

Partner found my brace, so things should start getting better. I took strong medication so hopefully that helps to. Looks like I won’t be getting anything for myself today though

My tummy hurts, I have to use dictation on my phone to communicate with anyone, because my wrist is so fucked up I can’t type move it or anything without severe pain. And I just wanna fucking sleep

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