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interaction rules:

if a post is public, it is an invitation to boost it

if you want to boost a private post, poke us and ask. We will either a) post it publically or b) give permission to copy it if it makes sense

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Interaction Rule:

Do /NOT/ under any circumstances

talk to us, recommend to us, try to explain to us Arch Linux, systemd, or etc.

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reminder: If you send us a follow request, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW HOW WE KNOW YOU / WHY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW US.

Otherwise we'll be ignoring/rejecting it. Sorry.

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How I feel lately is very much “I’m in danger”

wish that I could have one day of my life go well.

Being literally constantly anxious takes a toll on the body

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In better news my resting heart rate is finally below 100 again


it’s self destructive behavior, ffs

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Sure do wish my blood family would stop voting for tories

Lol at posts from 2 years ago making the rounds again >_>

Mostly been doing D&D

I wonder if my autistic CPTSD survivor ass talking about how I do it would be useful

It’d be text because I suck at voice probably

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I wonder if I should start blogging about running tabletop games

Still probably gonna die this year

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