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interaction rules:

if a post is public, it is an invitation to boost it

if you want to boost a private post, poke us and ask. We will either a) post it publically or b) give permission to copy it if it makes sense

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Interaction Rule:

Do /NOT/ under any circumstances

talk to us, recommend to us, try to explain to us Arch Linux, systemd, or etc.

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reminder: If you send us a follow request, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW HOW WE KNOW YOU / WHY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW US.

Otherwise we'll be ignoring/rejecting it. Sorry.

[yes this is boostable]

i wonder what portion of the fediverse is otherkin...

Mastodon folks that run relays, anyone willing to join up on +6697 and explain how you got it to work?!

Mastodon folks that run relays, anyone willing to join up on +6697 and explain how you got it to work?!

I am trying to set up a mastodon relay. From scratch, with no documentation. TIL that Crystal is a programming language.

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The 90s, the peak of technological innovation... on the cassette tape.
what do you mean "the furries have come to mastodon" i think you have it quite backwards

Hey everyone look, the normies have finally come and joined us~

also yeah, Perl. I love that language, I still love that language, Fight me.

If i do it in that, i can make the UX a lot better than this bitlbee crap too. It's pretty bad but STILL better for some of my use cases.

Because well, I actually really enjoy this whole thing of using mastodon-bitlbee for certain kinds of things, It means i can carry on a conversation without having to have a browser open which... on my macbook with limited ram, is extremely helpful

So basically when i have the time/energy I need to write a perl module for doing all the fediverse things. So i can write irssi and weechat scripts for using fedi

okay is this just software having specific expectations

So i'm trying out mastodon-bitlbee but it doesn't seem to work with pleroma. It complains that all the responses are unusable.

Protip: Adobo w/ cumin is basically one of the best seasonings ever made
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