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do i bnuuy in ffxiv

It is kind of weird knowing that Xenia could easily have been art of our system a decade ago.

I was a girly (on way to being girl >_>) red fox (with similar patterning) who was very very into Linux back then.

~~maybe I’d still be using Linux as daily driver of the Linux mascot wasn’t a dorky penguin~~

- death 

@rachel I didn’t die at least

God damn though last night felt rough

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- death 

If I die tonight I just…

Hate there is nothing I can do to make sure my wishes even matter because NY doesn’t do holographic wills

hrt shitpost 

you know, when i started HRT i didn't expect it to have such massive change to such odd things...

I expected the breast growth, i expected the scent changes, these were all welcome... I wasn't expecting to have it fuck with something so sacred as my opinions on one particularly petrol filled topic.

You see i started out kind of "i like both" when it came down to that never ending flamewar, I mean of course if i had to choose i'd choose the evo, it's easier to work on especially since i had had a couple of mitsubishis through the years, but the HRT? it changed that, suddenly as i was finding girls more attractive to guys something changed... I needed it, the answer was easy. I didn't even like the evo anymore. the sound of an EJ was music to my ears. I was a subaru girl now. Nothing could replace the lust in my heart for a Subaru kitted out for going camping. :lesbian_awd:

so, I'm planning on making a proper blog post on what i think needs to be focused on for IRC. I gained sme interest in this topic after the N(o)F(ucking)T(hanks) mess with discord and seeing IRC get brought up a few times.

I ended up making a survey [ ] on the subject and I'm hoping to get a good 60-80 responses before i write my post to actually discuss where i think we devs still caring about IRC should go.

The catch is this Survey wasn't linked around IRC, we don't care about people who think IRC is already usable, we care about those who left/are leaving.

While i doubt that it will change anything [the bikeshedding will continue no matter what] I also believe that having good hard data in what people even want is helpful.

This survey is also designed to be as fast as possible for a person to take, so no ranking was undertaken [perhaps a follow up survey could do this!]

Why did this have to happen while one of my partners is here visiting

Mono people dating poly people always when it finally ends… say the most destructive things.

All 20 of us have moods from



Okay today is alright

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I wish that Square Enix would like, understand that you need to have people spend positive time with a character to like... care about them.

Tired of games that suffer from them not understanding this.

You can’t fridge a character or tell us you should care about our enemies if we don’t know who they are and don’t understand why we should care


It’s like, since I skipped to ShB, me going through stuff it’s like this is a really awesome prequel and all this stuff is really cool and I see how the parts fit together

I have strong emotional reactions to multiple parts of the story.

My friend who is new? Who is why I decided to NG+? Not. A single reaction

And why would they? They don’t know any of these places or characters why would they care

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