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interaction rules:

if a post is public, it is an invitation to boost it

if you want to boost a private post, poke us and ask. We will either a) post it publically or b) give permission to copy it if it makes sense

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Interaction Rule:

Do /NOT/ under any circumstances

talk to us, recommend to us, try to explain to us Arch Linux, systemd, or etc.

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reminder: If you send us a follow request, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND LET US KNOW HOW WE KNOW YOU / WHY YOU WANT TO FOLLOW US.

Otherwise we'll be ignoring/rejecting it. Sorry.

[yes this is boostable]

Toy has assumed control. It won’t allow harm to come to system.

Anyway time to do some exercise since I can’t do a run to the store

So far we got Lefin, Nicky, Raine, Kalystraya, Erika, and Ari art

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All of us need art done and god that’s gonna be expensive

It is now too hot to walk for an hour a day for most values of awake time

At one point it just worked, not so much anymore

Finding out that my discord bot’s code was left in various stages of disarray sure is great

The biggest features it needs is a good health app, heart rate tracking for exercises, and to have decent build quality .-.

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Cost is somewhat high but it isn’t like the alternatives are particularly cheap either

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Probably an Apple Watch all things being honest, I am still in that ecosystem and I don’t see myself not being in it any time soon

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Pondering what to replace my Fitbit with as the screen has completely failed

Weight and fitness 

I tried to do a hike Recently and I made it half a km before my asthma was acting up so bad I had to stop.

It wasn’t even a moderate trail, it was a easy one. Not very easy, not flat, but not hard either.

That just fucking hurts

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Weight and fitness 

I’m trying to also actually recover my ability to truly do all the things I used to

Things like DDR, cycling, high difficulty hiking, walking 20km easily, kayaking and windsurfing, sailing.

I miss being able to do even be physically capable of doing these things. I doubt I’ll get to do the water stuff really, maybe kayaking since those aren’t too expensive but just knowing I am capable of would be nice.

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