today an old lady gave us a coin from her window sill and thanked us for our service to society. this will take some getting used to.

got a job interview tomorrow and we're just gonna draw wildly above our level until then to distract ourselves

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scraped our knee, it looks pretty and pulled us out of sensory overload :D

you have met us in a very shakira time in our life

dang we got rusty gotta get a rhythm going again

repaired some things for friend with button machine so they offered to make us a couple, it took us surprisingly long to come up with stuff but this one's not half bad :3

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doc: tit scar was a full success
us: omg can we watcg lion king now
doc: where do u think thr scar came fomr
us: ;,,,w;,,m

friendo recently acquired a button machine and we're very proud of them :3

ah crap completely forgot we wanted to avoid drawing the head in the comfort zone angle but eh who cares

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not happy with this one, but it doesn't matter, we're on it again. we neglected relaxing activities for a while, should make time for them more.

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was unsure about short hair at first but it's growing on us

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