people other than us are using our doodles as avatars now and that feels pretty good tbh :D

we don't want the endless cycle of repairing ikea beds every couple of months to ever end, we got this and that makes us feel useful

profile practice! we never really did full side, took us a while to get it down.

the show can't be over... the boys didn't kiss yet...

no segment except for the end piece will have any curvature; we think with the generally low angles it will be fine and it's much easier to cut that way since we don't have any chalk. curious how it turns out.

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note to self: if you mess up proportions hard enough it becomes perspective

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haven't drawn fur or full body in a bit. it's not great, but it's so much better than being idle :D

if there's a better use for eyeliner than giving yourself fake whiskers I haven't found it

today's doodles don't even look depressed or edgy, what's happening?

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sometimes we're not sure if dreaming big is bad for our mental health since we usually don't have the energy to pull through, but on the other hand it feels really good sometimes, and if we didn't we wouldn't have much to dream about at all, so it's still a good thing probably

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