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this feels kinda like the sort of music that'd be creative commons as a whole subversion of the 80s corporate culture they're pulling from
anyway where's the synthwave funkwhale instance

#np, caps 

I'm not telling an oral history, or participating in the storytelling culture?? I"m just not!

I actually have to do this as an audio recording because they really want to make the oral storytelling part more explicit
It still doesn't make sense for the actual content though
anyway I have to decide how ASMR I go with this

I appreciate they're drawing on a rich aboriginal history of animals as symbols, it's just very strange to apply it like this? I'm not telling a story or conveying important information to someone in a memorable way, I'm doing a reflection??

if I was gonna sum up this year [the fake version of this year I'm happy to submit as an assignment] it would definitely be frog, magpie, penguin, kookaburra, people, kangaroo, frog. y'know what I'm saying?

a frog.. is adaptable to many situations, and is uniquely ambiguous in what kind of animal it is (land/water).. um.. I get curious in ambiguous situations..
this is hard

me: wow I have really complex thoughts about the way I've evolved over this year
uni self-reflection task: okay but can you describe it in terms of frogs

y'all talkin shit about the grammar of they/them pronouns
have you ever tried to lay out the rules for the plural of a word ending in "us"? grammar is fake

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yes. okay. punching a tree in real life would hurt your hand. I don't need a fourteen minute video about it. than k you

gonna get my name legally changed to Ash Tails tbh

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do you ever notice something in your life that makes you say "if my life is a novel, that's really good writing"

there's a busted clock in the back room at work. it's completely stopped, but 60 times a minute, the second hand still ticks. it moves a bit, but not enough to make it over the initial resistance of the tick mechanism, so it falls back down into the same position it started in

it tries, and appears to make some progress, but never actually ends up getting anywhere

what a perfect metaphor for working here

possible homomisic language question, lewd oral mention, childish insults (not slurs) 

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Disgusting: [NERD PROPERTY] Fans Are Boycotting Because It Features Some [MARGINALIZED PEOPLE] *TEMPLATE* 

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Your experiences of oppression for being nonbinary are real and important.

People may want to say that your oppression is imaginary. Yet, you still must suffer with the very real consequences of this supposed "fantasy" despite what they believe.

Your experience holds more truth than their wishful thinking.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #exorsexism

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crushing on the platonic ideal of transfemininity

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