a picture of the wii u motherboard 

I still have this poor thing

re: queer@uni, classes, "cispassing", etc. 

I wanted to format this as a journal entry for a class I'm doing cuz they want something about inclusive practices in engineering
I had to switch to my laptop because I couldn't keep the document open on my main computer. I kept minimising it

if that a'int a sign of my invisibility problem idk what is

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queer@uni, classes, "cispassing", etc. 

today I was thinking about how I've kinda.. developed a habit of cispassing in order to avoid friction in class; and the way it's stopped me bringing up uniquely queer things in Discussions
it is so, so easy to just be invisibly enby who everyone treats as male (in my case) when in a classroom situation

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bad time for an instance outage tbh

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enbies: I'm not a bee *and* I'm not a skeleton

cis: oh I see. you're half way between a bee and a skeleton!

not discord though, the shades they use I just. can't get behind.

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misinfo, pronoun joke 

neopronouns are referred to as such because they were first discovered by neo, the protagonist of the wachowski sisters’ classic movie, the matrix (1999)

there's someone a row in front of me at this lecture that seems to be doing a quiz where they identify cars based on the tail light's glow in the dark

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Tom Scott on the VPN ads: youtu.be/WVDQEoe6ZWY

He explains it nicely, so you can share this with your less tech-savvy friends.

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@quarky The bii question is when you're bi but you wanna REALLY emphasize it

the reason I leave off the numbers is that often each top-level question needs to be answered in a different booklet altogether
so if I catch myself writing a question number in a used booklet I can catch the fuckup

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also the question numbering convention here is 1,2,3 for the top level, then a,b,c, then i,ii,iii
I usually write this as 1ai, aii, bi, bii, 2a...
so yes I get to giggle profusely at answering the bi question

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I flip-flop pretty hard on maths
when I get stuck on something (usually "I can't read a formula sheet") it's immensely frustrating and I lose ages hashing and rehashing the same thing
but when I'm *not* stuck on something it's satisfying af to plough through problems and do complex stuff that would have killed high school me

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"👀" is "owo" for people who aren't furries change my mind

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