re: Take that only evil commies make 

@Kirin The german conservative insult for left-wingers literally translates as "world-improver", like do-gooder

Take that, left

Praxis awooed

Take that only evil commies make 

We can actually have nice things, there is a way that society could be good

There is no affordable food at my office but there is a 3.50€ liquid meal that can stop me from being hungry for a few hours, I think that's just as good as proper affordable food.

Welcome to start-up culture

@ibrokemypie if the teacher doesn't arrive in 15 minutes you can legally leave

@laurie no, it's really not, I don't even use my local tl, you're right

@ibrokemypie this is the most beautiful story I've ever seen

Thinking about those,,,,
material conditions,,,,,


Can't work because of dependencies uwu I don't like this. It's bad that I have to routinely wait for someone else to finish their work to start my own

@varjmes Don't worry. I feel bad for myself, too!!!

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