Please please please don't just take over my monitor while I'm at lunch. I don't mind giving up my monitor if you need it more, but please just ask first. I do not like coming back to the office to notice my stuff has been moved. It feels rude to me.

re: vent 

So I guess it's apparent to me that my problems are three-fold.
1) I want to feel respected in what I do. I want to be respected as in, I don't want people moving my stuff without asking and I don't just want to be told to do things directly, I want to have the ability to join in on the planning with my opinion mattering (since I am doing the tech work).
2) I want a place to call my own. I want a desk, perhaps a monitor, some room for personalization. I want my own stuff.
3) I want to stop doing webapps. I am sick of seeing JSX. It feels like too little self-made work to myself. It feels like all I am doing is putting puzzle pieces together and profiting from what other people did before me more than I do from my own work. I want to create for myself. Not everything, but the important things.

re: vent 

@praxis very fair. I hope you're able to get all those, you deserves it :blobbunheart:

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