Hey y'all, Fedilab is doing a poll about implementing a feature to see if someone blocked you. This is a bad idea and is only good for stalking people, it's private data.

Please vote no on it (this toot is an answer to that vote)
Boosts appreciated

See, this is what I love about Mastodon, I don't have a lot of followers, but when I have something really important to say it *will* reach people because of other people boost it!

@praxis not just good for stalkers, I'd rather not know if someone did.

@praxis if it was really private data, how would a user agent such as Fedilab even be able to show it to you?

Users of the Block feature shouldn't live with a false expectation of privacy based on voluntarily restraint of popular clients.

@praxis to be clear, that feature already exists on the serverside, for. some reason???? so it's just asking whether fedilab should support retrieving the information that masto for some reason publishes

fedilab tom clearly agrees that it's a bad idea and won't be adding it to fedilab, so that's good, but the info is still made available in theory so that's something to be concerned about :blobcattilt:

@00dani I misspoke when I argued that it's focused on private data, I was a bit unfocused when I wrote that toot. It's still a bad design idea for similar reasons, and more though.

So yeah, sorry about missing the beat on the privacy part though

@praxis it definitely should be private data in any case!

@praxis please vote yes, if the data is there but hidden, it gives a false sense of security

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