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Pinned toots are cool I've heard so I don't wanna seem like I am not cool

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Take that only evil commies make 

We can actually have nice things, there is a way that society could be good

There is no affordable food at my office but there is a 3.50€ liquid meal that can stop me from being hungry for a few hours, I think that's just as good as proper affordable food.

Welcome to start-up culture

Thinking about those,,,,
material conditions,,,,,


Can't work because of dependencies uwu I don't like this. It's bad that I have to routinely wait for someone else to finish their work to start my own

Hey Fediverse. I've missed you this week, but you know how it goes, life gets busy sometime uwu

re: vent 

So I guess it's apparent to me that my problems are three-fold.
1) I want to feel respected in what I do. I want to be respected as in, I don't want people moving my stuff without asking and I don't just want to be told to do things directly, I want to have the ability to join in on the planning with my opinion mattering (since I am doing the tech work).
2) I want a place to call my own. I want a desk, perhaps a monitor, some room for personalization. I want my own stuff.
3) I want to stop doing webapps. I am sick of seeing JSX. It feels like too little self-made work to myself. It feels like all I am doing is putting puzzle pieces together and profiting from what other people did before me more than I do from my own work. I want to create for myself. Not everything, but the important things.

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Please please please don't just take over my monitor while I'm at lunch. I don't mind giving up my monitor if you need it more, but please just ask first. I do not like coming back to the office to notice my stuff has been moved. It feels rude to me.

books, pol (+? kind of just shitposting) 

Why is no one talking about or making really beautiful books. I want books that stand on my shelf and look awesome. And I also want the text in them to be Das Kapital or other leftist texts.

I don't just want a seemingly ethical worldview, I also want a presentable one, and a presentable one just needs to have a very beautiful version of Das Kapital. Just saying.

mh (-) 

Kind of crashed today. Oh well.


I really don't like programming as a job anymore. I thought I would but I really don't, but now I am kind of stuck with this

Mutual: *changes Profile picture*
Me: Who are you???

mh (~) 

So here is a weird question. Does your humanity sometimes break? Like, I'm currently lying here and wondering how I can even tell if I like someone. Not like *like* someone, just normal liking.

I got people I clearly am really happy to talk to, and I have people I make an effort to talk to, yet do I like these people? Why? How?

It's easy for me to tell when I like *like* someone, but I guess it's hard for me to figure out what friendship feels like

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@praxis Norman Vincent Peale — 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.'

Try your best, it's okay if it doesn't work out, but you owe yourself to try <3

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intersectionality theory 

Intersectionality: We're most of us both oppressor and oppressed. Even as I experiencing marginalization as a neurodivergent feminine presenting non-binary trans person, I benefit from the marginalization of others in my whiteness, my wealth/income status, "male socialization" as a child, etc.

We are most of us both oppressed and oppressor and it does us well to understand our role as both.

I am a lucky charm activated by cuddling.

Cuddling me leads to me being lucky uwu

mh (+) 

I might didn't manage to do a whole lot today, but I did one really really good and valuable thing: Design a better system for myself for tomorrow. And I am proud of that!

It just feels good to take steps towards improvement.

mh (-) 

Today is one of those days where I feel fake and like a fraud

mh (-) 

I do often, like on mornings like these, wonder "who am I kidding?"
I'm not really special, not really a revolutionary in any sense, yet I dare to have some hope of a better world

I just don't think I can help create it, on mornings like these

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Remember, a successful leftist community depends on its members giving their comrades the benefit of the doubt, and resolving issues cooperative and earnestly

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