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Pinned toots are cool I've heard so I don't wanna seem like I am not cool

glad I only got one birthday a year, yesterday was exhausting

Birthdays are always so emotionally complex

yiff, vore :over18: 

I got vored as a birthday gift uwu

german-english pun you might not get 

Vodafone? More like Vodainternet, amirite???

Hollow Knight 

Beat Nightmare King Grimm in my first try yesterday after last fighting him in November. I still got it :nes_fire:

I'm sharing this because I wonder if anyone else feels this way, overcompensating for your curiosity

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I have to naturally interact on here and/or talk about specifics of their online presence for my follow to be justified and "normal"

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I feel very weird about my tendency to look people up whenever I find something that might lead into more insight. Nothing extreme, just "Oh, so this is their username, let's see if I can find them on any of the services I use"

But then I am also too self conscious to follow them on there or anything because I don't wanna be weird. Let's just say I found a friend on the fediverse I cannot follow at this point because it'd be weird :sadcat:

How it           How it's
Started:          Going:

How it           How it's
Started:          Going:

SponsorBlock has really improved my YouTube viewing experience. Goodbye Skillshare, Audible and especially goodbye Bill Gates whenever he does anything he needs *everyone* to know

I dreamt I found a quiet queer bar that streamed game grumps and had a mastodon presence. I was pretty pissed that it was all a dream. Place was run by a trans guy and was called something with "Ferret" in the name

I gotta get over the fact that Capitalism actually has made me not like Pride, even though I really need Pride

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