Does anybody know how to troubleshoot USB Type-C Thunderbolt power delivery issues with external powerbanks? I had some inquiries today but had no time and wasn't allow to troubleshoot it. I would love to help folks if they have a question in the future😅 🙏

Asking for help, please boost 

Hi friends,

I've got to the point where my debt is affecting my quality of life massively, I can no longer deal with the strain its putting on my health both mentally and physically.

I've set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who can help, which you can find here with more explanation:

You can also donate via




& I'll add as an offline donation.

Any help at all, and boosts,appreciated 💛

philosophy(?), politics(?) 

Is there some sort of connection or relationship between Stirner’s egoism and daoism? While it seems (to me) that they disagree in some places, they seem to agree on a lot of others (especially on the concept of the self, if I understand their respective views correctly)?

half life 

gordon fights his way out of black mesa with a crowbar ONE TIME because he didn't have any other options and for the rest of his life he's the crowbar guy. beginning of hl2 barney gives him a crowbar like "hey you'll need this ;)". i'm sure he'd rather have an actual weapon!!



installing arch is difficult when u are gay and just wanna stare at ur cute gf instead

uk government is whatever the opposite of "strongman" fascism is. they generate systemic violence through pretend blunders alone. its all "whoops, lost the Windrush landing cards, crikey 150,000 police files misplaced, oh crumbs where did i put the grenfell records"

bathrooms are a scam by gender companies to sell more genders

How often do you think about the fact that "gender" and "genre" are basically the same word, because I do a lot, and "my gender is punk" is about the coolest thing you could say, I think

Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy, and let it be a war of extermination.
-- Lucy Parsons

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So glad Clown University of Mastodon has a new graduate!! 🎓

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I can't believe they killed Socrates for just asking an annoying number of prying questions about the state, church, and society. What a king.

re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

so, an update, we're getting hit with a lot of pressure to get a job and move out, and we really can't stay at our parents'.

monetary support still welcome (, but also, if anyone in the atlanta metro area (or, within a reasonable driving distance of that, or longer if you're willing to help us get the Hell out of this state, we don't have a car ourselves) has space for a disabled queer plural system to stay, that'd be great. we don't have much income, and don't expect to be able to help out much with rent, but. we have some savings if it comes to it.

we're, you know, in the works of trying to find some work and/or get on disability, but there's a strong chance we either don't find anything remote we can do, or if we do, we'll burn out fast or otherwise not hold onto it for long, and that we don't qualify for SSI.

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest

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