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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 7.5
Fate/Apocrypha 7

Unanswered question for today is... I've been asking myself this a lot today. And I don't know the answer.

If tap water made me gay, then what made me human? :o

Adult life is mean, also, swearing in Polish feels ten times harsher than swearing in English.


Cowboy Bebop 6.5/10
Night on the Galactic Railroad 7.5/10 - Very sad, but a great story overall


Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
very furry anime

@Azure I think you are making a good point. Parents often think they know best what is good for their kids, than kids themselves. Which more often than not is simply not the case.

So saddened to see companies specializing in making for parents to spy on their children. It is disgusting and not ok. Can't imagine how bad psychological effect this can have on targeted children.
Everyone deserves privacy, yes, even your kids.

A short post-mortem after playing Undertale 4th time. It's my GOAT game, even a year after my first playthrough, I cried like a crybaby, more than 11 different times. I didn't even change the route, all of my playthroughs were true-pacifist. Undertale will stay in my heart as something I'll never forget. It's a game with a message of love, forgiveness, and peace. I hope to never forget what game taught me.


Continuing the animelog tradition I made for myself. I've watched Noragami Aragoto. Really enjoyed that one, 9/10.

I've read Waterways for second time, why? I like the book, I told myself I'd read it again when I first read it and I had someone to read it with πŸ‘€

Update: I'm still happy as heck.
Happy holidays/xmas/whatever everyone!

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