Some people asked me to post my fursona reference sheet publicly. So, here it is. Ref done by amazing kairyudragonite!

Thanks Internet. You totally ruined my innocence and now I'm trash. I realized that just now after watching previously retooted video ( It's incredible how fast I accepted my fate as a trash. ;)


This. Every time someone uses the terrorist argument to support giving more surveillance power to the government, I die a little bit.

Considering closing account on Diaspora*. I don't really use it anymore but Mr Wiggles is making me feel bad.

Fuck yeah. That's good shit. Fuck you Facebook. I don't have to explain to Mastodon users why I did it, but I will link to a page either way. Facebook is awful.

For some unknown to me reason, using Git to develop my Python scripts makes me super happy, seeing all the charts, merging branches, adding commits, pushing changes...

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