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Old school rogue like and demon girl dating sim?

People keep telling me I'm intimidating and I don't understand. My entire personal platform is "you're welcome here and we will put effort into making it better".

Doing anonymous voting for a local tech conference, and I've voted hard against every talk using the pandemic as a framing device for something else.

Part of me thinks that's being unfair.

Another is just like, fuck it, if you're not talking about it directly, we don't need your hot take about why the pandemic affects language internals.

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im not the first person to say this but i would rather play shorter games that look worse by more diverse people who are paid more money to make them than Anything with a high polygon count

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when you hear a joke and you're like "????" at first and then further down the line, be it minutes, seconds, hours, days, you finally go "!! OH GOD I GET IT"

is that a Jestation Period?

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They finished the spaceship, tidied the garage, and rolled the ship out.
"Ready for the test drive?" the engineer said.
"Sure thing, sis," the pilot replied.
"It'll be a week for you, but a year here. I envy you, bro."
"Mm." He paused. "Sure you'll be okay?"
"2020 won't beat me."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Wow, now having dreams about my requests and boundaries being violated. This is fucking not okay.

I have never felt too gay for women's hockey until today, when someone referred to possible candidates to the US National team as "young studs" and did not mean that word the way I'd expect.

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User data isn't a valuable resource; it's a toxic byproduct that needs to be handled and regulated as if it was radioactive.

paganism, religiosity 

I've been contemplative this morning and unsure where to put it, so I guess y'all get it.

I'm trying to condense the core of my religious practice because I realize that my godforms interact with me in specific ways.

Largely, that has come down to:

1. Defend those who matter.
2. Do the work.
3. Question unquestioned authority.
4. Laugh.

It's. . . kind of nice as a personal goal in life.

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(psa: Death Of The Author is an academic tool, not a moral one. it is the theory you apply when you want to analyze a text without considering authorial intent; it says nothing about the ethics of *consuming* art when it turns out the artist is a shítbàg)

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if the only thing that defines queer community is shared experiences of oppression when everyone is liberated queer community becomes obsolete. If the thing that defines queer community or lesbian community or trans community or all community is shared experiences of joy and life then more people are invited to the party, ya, but also then even when everyone is liberated we still get to love each other and nothing dissolves. everything is fine.

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Me, a front end developer who does hand tuned CSS: I'm breaking up my CSS and will need to figure out how to add a preprocessor to my SSG to stitch the various files together.

Someone: You should try SASS.

Y'all, I'm a professional web dev. I guarantee you, I've used SASS. If I though it would improve my workflow I'd be using it.

abuse, trauma response 

I've started paying attention to how associative my memory is, when I drop words, I often can remember things related to the thing I'm trying to remember.

Today, though, I forgot the name of Underwood typewriters, and the associative memory was my ex, whose given surname was Underwood.

I'm still thinking about how much I know that is locked behind trauma blocks because the memory is tied to something tied to my trauma.

Lots of armchair game designers could be truly brilliant, but they're often stuck without the tool set to be so. They should absolutely just Make Their Game Already: piper.thunstrom.dev/blog/2020/

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so we all know autistic and adhd people have certain issues with our senses but nobody ever talks about how much visual pollution can affect us

and I'm not talking mess, I'm talking lots of different contrasting colors and eye catching details everywhere and awkward shadows and transparency

just so many things that are just asking to be looked at and????? I dont want it

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People always talk about "magic technology" in media analysis, but uhhh give me a movie or show with magical hackers. It doesn't need to be realistic or even believable. Show me a girl who uses a salt circle as a firewall. Give me an enby who faxes curses.

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hey if you're a lesbian exclusionist then you can please fuck right off. Bi/Pan lesbians are valid - why the fuck are we even getting up in arms about this in a community where terminology has always been in flux, all the time??

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