every youtube sponsorship in one sentence 

@lynnesbian audible is nice tho

every youtube sponsorship in one sentence 

@lynnesbian the funny thing is that at most these advertisements succeed in making me explore the category of thing they are advertising and I always find that there's some competitor doing it better. yes I bought a mattress online: from Purple, though, not from Casper. &c.

I'm taking one of these online autism test things, and after like 5 questions I switched from actually taking it to pasting it into a Google Doc and typing up detailed explanations of why nearly every question strictly speaking makes no sense. I'm starting to understand why it says the test is designed to be administered by a professional...

Take this item: "I only like to think and talk about a few things that interest me."

No I don't. I like to think and talk about a wide variety of things. Unlike most people, who have very restricted interests, assume everybody shares them, and act very surprised when they learn I actually didn't even know the baseball season had started, and also I've never watched some apparently popular TV show.

"I have been told that I am clumsy or uncoordinated. [always, never, only before age 16, only now]"

Huh? The state of having been told a thing, once achieved, cannot be undone. No matter what you do, it will still have happened. So by definition that cannot be "only when i was younger," right? Why is only this one item in the perfect tense?

And so on.

@stackingstones i tried googling it but i can't seem to find out what "flexible rails" means.

@VyrCossont the one that helped me was so delightfully nonplussed about EVERYTHING

picture of a bruise 

@AudreyJune clumsiness = v sexy fwiw imho

Cis bullshit, transohobia 

@flout @AudreyJune Funny that. I tried being one of those for 16 years and uh... no, hella not the same.

if you really benefit from a lot of structure in life but aren't very good at providing it for yourself, and you find ways to compensate for that, that can look from the outside a lot like "lazy" and tbh i'm kinda beyond caring

re: math, ableism (?) 

@stackingstones my elementary school used a (nonstandard?) abacus to teach certain kinds of arithmetic. the teacher had a larger one to use in front of the class to demonstrate. apparently he made a lot of mistakes, leading me to innocently ask questions that exposed his incompetence and made him really mad. i only understood much much later that this was probably a big part of what prompted him to get physically abusive. but that’s another story.

@patience we had a black and white for years until we inherited a color tv from a great-aunt who passed away...

i've been reading more lately about neurodiversity. (when I dig in, i tend to REALLY dig in.)

my main conclusion so far: there's more contested boundaries between all these different developmental disorders than you can shake a stick at.

which features are taken as essential and definitional for any given disorder appears to have more to do with the methodological biases of whoever first described it than with cause/effect relationships. the whole field seems ripe for some sociology-of-science critique tbh.

but... learning about neurodiversity has put in context a whole bunch of traits and behaviors that i had internalized negative judgments about. and this is useful to me regardless of all the boring lumping/splitting controversies.

just like transition has been an absolutely great thing for me even though to this day i can't say i really understand what on earth it could possibly mean for me to "really" be a woman.

(btw, i totally do recognize how important definitional questions can be for people requiring specific forms of support.)

@stackingstones @mxsparks (haven't gotten around to dealing with the Dutch at all yet. it seems more daunting.)

@stackingstones @mxsparks just got off the phone with the place that did my assessment in the US in 2004. they say the reason they hadn't gotten back to my email was simply that the person who does records was out for 2 weeks, but they should still exist in storage.

@stackingstones @mxsparks It looks like Dutch health records for minors are supposedly kept for 15 years after reaching the age of majority, so until age 34... and I'm 35 right now, so it might be gone even if they followed the rules. But I'm getting really curious now...

@stackingstones @mxsparks They did an assessment but never told you the results? Ouch. Come to think of it, I had some sort of assessment of something done in grade school too, very early, and I could swear my parents kept a copy of the report for years, but I couldn't find it when I went digging, and I've certainly never been told what was in it. This happened in the 80s, though.

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