I took this picture earlier this week on a college campus in Oregon. it's. so. pretty.

a roll of blue shop towels ended up on the desk where i keep my makeup. a while ago in the morning i was like, "let's go wild, today i'm gonna wear mascara AND foundation, i'm sure there's some in this drawer somewhere" and that night i needed something to wipe off the remains and i figured "hey there's a roll of high cotton content paper towels right here, that'll work just fine" and in that moment, the buddha reached soft butch enlightenment. 😜​

This is what "trans people often have to educate their healthcare providers" looks like for me today.

Yeah sex is nice but have you tried... More power outlets than you could ever use?

selfie, eye contact 

It's a selfie. That I especially like, for some reason.

Pulling the band on a TomboyX bra either up or down is my new favorite shapeshifting parlor trick. (Photo is 2 selfies with eye contact.)

Got another twitter reply today thanking me for confirming that it's totally valid for trans people to be just as frustrated with social expectations for the gender we're transitioning toward as the ones around the gender we're moving away from. Trans people need feminism too.

That's something I needed to hear before I could realize that transition was even an option for me, and it's clearly something others need to hear. Heck, it's something I still need to hear from time to time, and if I don't hear enough of it, I'll just have to keep saying it myself.

(photo below is a selfie with me looking at the camera)

The English get remarkably honest when they write sheet music for German songs...

photo of me looking at camera 

This is also me. It didn't make me especially happy to be who I was, but it was me.

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