This is what "trans people often have to educate their healthcare providers" looks like for me today.

My psychologist already wrote a letter but I need two for an orchiectomy. My psychiatrist is very kind and offered to do it but he clearly has no idea where to start, so I'm mailing him this binder tomorrow. I think that'll be less hassle than finding a second therapist who actually knows how to do this.

trans, educating doctors 

@oompah Mmm, I want to provide a similar information pack for my GP. Feels so weird, realising I'm much more knowledgeable about this specific area of medicine than her.

re: trans, educating doctors 

@porsupah yeah... this document is written specifically for primary care providers btw:

re: trans, educating doctors 

@oompah Yep! That'll be in there, along with v4 of Dr Powers' excellent summary.

I got the impression she sort of wants to help, but the local group seems quite negative on shared care agreements, unfortunately, which would see her write NHS prescriptions for whatever GenderGP recommend. (Much cheaper, especially if triptorelin were added)

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