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capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

@natsumisummer Is this an either/or thing? Isn't it possible to have some of each? I ask, because I live in the EU (well, not any more. Bugger Brexit) and we have regulated capitalism and a full social and medical safety net. You can work for a capitalist company, but if you lose your job you get social security and rent support and full medical care.

@rochelimit @natsumisummer It's better than pure capitalism, but still not as good as full socialism. It's kinda a middle ground.

@LunaDragofelis @natsumisummer are there any fully socialist societies that have shown long term stability? I think it is extremes that are the problem, and some middle ground is likely to be the optimum. I think there should be less freedom in markets and there is a good argument for a universal income guarantee. But history hasn't been kind to dogmatic socialism.



Yeah, I'm pretty happy with living in a social democracy which is a form of capitalism.

Seeing all this weird socialism stuff and anti-capitalism rhetoric is very disheartening and worrying.

Particurarly when its spread and shared so hard on the fediverse.

@LunaDragofelis @natsumisummer


i live in germany and we have nothing near a "full social and medical safety net". Many people live here without any social security at all. And even if you have it, there is many needs which are far from met. You have to pay thousands of € for new teeth for example even with insurance. If you are out of job for more than a year you have not really an income from which you can live, its barely enough to not die.


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