Anyone on here have a 3DS? I got one of the original ones.

Any ideas for my YouTube channel? I got to make some videos.

Mine's slow and leggy bc it's a Galaxy A10e from 2019

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Anyone know where to get a decent phone for cheap?

i just figured out the ChromeOS Files app for some weird reason allows u to press ctrl+ and ctrl- to zoom in and out in the FILE MANAGER. WHY IS THIS POSSIBLE!??!?

and also i managed to make this image with, if u need a good wallpaper (i think i put in furry, wallpaper, and a few other keywords to get it) (i also upscaled it):

dont know why this guy appears to have 3 pant legs

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I put "a man with a shirt with fox is yes on it and fire pants" into and got this image:

According to, this is a fox from the future:

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