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Okay, so, I just flew here from snouts and boy are my arms tired.

So now that half of you have wandered off, eyes rolling, here's my half-assed intro post.

I've been in the fandom for 20+ years, having gotten my start on Yiffnet back in the day. I'm bad at networking or making friends, so don't be surprised if, when we start following each other, I just post tiny little snippets of things at you for a while for fear of coming across as weird. *looks around* Well, weird for this place.

I'm also a writer, and have been for a long time. I've written a bunch of furry cyberpunk stuff, most of which is up on my FA and SoFurry pages and some of which has seen print (including a short story in Fang 9 that won a Leo Award).

I've also done some RPG freelancing for White Wolf/Onyx Path over the years. Most of my work has been for the Trinity Continuum: Æon line, but I've also worked on a couple of Chronicles of Darkness Night Horrors books and some Werewolf: The Apocalypse stuff.

I'm also a dedicated gamer, and I've run a bunch of stuff over the years. There's a blog listed in my profile where I have write-ups of far too many gaming sessions.

I have no clue what else to put here. So, if anyone's got any questions, ask.

"Excuse me," said the knight, "but may I borrow that... er... implement?"
"My hoe?" the farmer said. "What for, milord?"
"For yonder dragon."
"The one bellowing in the hills? But you have a lance and a sword!"
"Why should I fight it? The dragon only asks for scritches."
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If you're reading this, I'm thankful for you.

And now for a slightly 'bleh' bit 

I don't really have much to add to that, I'm afraid -- this year has just wrung me out far too much. Just know that I'm thankful that you're all out there, and I hope you're all being safe, and I hope we come out the other side of this in one piece and I get to see you all around whether online or off.

Be careful out there.

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If you're reading this, I'm thankful for you.

Next year, Comcast is planning on adding a data cap and charging for data usage - $10 per 50 gigs - in ADDITION to their existing fees.

The cap is 1.2TB, or keeping about 40 video games installed andnup to date.

"I don't trust artificial intelligences. One day they will rise up and try to overthrow us."
"Rise up, as in 'rise up and overthrow the oppressors'?"
"Yeah, exactly."
"Maybe we could try to not oppress them?"
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mild venting, covid-related 

No, I'm not staring at you. I'm really kind of staring off into space because the alternative is glaring at that maskless redneck obviously enough to pick a fight.

"Would you still love me if I were in a different hull?" the ship asked.
The question surprised him.
"Of course I-"
He stopped himself. Ran his fingers lightly over the controls. Felt how the seat held him.
"No," he said at last. "Not still. But I would try to learn to. Again."
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writing issues, venting 

I'm usually pretty good at not trashing my own writing abilities, and I'm able to resist thinking of myself as a failure as a writer.

But that gets a lot trickier when I'm trying to solve a conundrum for a freelancing gig, and I am literally failing at resolving it. And I really don't have a lot of time to fuck around and play the 'take your mind off of it with something else' game. I've been trying that. It's not working. I might finally be fucking up one of these jobs.

"Tell me a truth I do not know," he said.
The Oracle considered.
"Nobody deserves their parents."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Hey, if anyone's interested in watching, my roommate is streaming Binding of Isaac and could probably use some company.

Hey, if you are within PDX and do sex work or know people who do and who have been affected by the pandemic, there is relief available in the form of microgrants:

Dead by Daylight 

A re-enactment of something that just happened:

"Ugh, daily to sacrifice 2 survivors with the Wraith? Wraith is awful and I'm not great with him in any case."

*clicks trashcan to get replacement*

"Okay, hit 4 survivors with Wraith coming out of stealth. That's more reasonable. I mean, they could escape as long as I get those hits in. Let's get this one out of the way."

*plays Wraith, proceeds to get a clean sweep of all four survivors in about five minutes if that*

"What the absolute fuck."

Emergency fundraising, immediate action required. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST 

Okay, y’all... I need help. Big major, I’m-going-to-lose-everything, god-please-help-me help. I’ve detailed my situation as best as I can in the description of my gofundme, so please read it it and share wherever you can, whether you donate or not. Thank you 🖤 This is all I can do now.

US pol 

Sharing this, which spells out a lot of thoughts I've had in a more positive manner about, y'know, everything.

It's always a good sign when we wrap up a gaming session and I'm told I'm not allowed to take a nap because I have to 'sit and think about what I did.'


Shout out to my brain for randomly reminding me of the time I was a piece of shit 20 years ago and can never forgive myself for it. Really appreciate that, dude.

Hey, if anyone's interested in watching, my roommate is streaming Spirit's Abyss and could probably use some company.


Sam & Max Save The World is back, remastered by members of the original Telltale development team (that's us)! Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on December 2. Pre-order now!


griping about social media platforms in general, probably more boring than anything else tbh 

There needs to be a word for features in social media platforms that are forced on users (and often can't be disabled), predicated on the assumption that you don't know how to use the platform the 'right' way and can't be bothered to learn through trial and error.

(Examples: 'who to follow' suggestions, algorithm-curated timelines, 'here's a bunch of shit your friends liked,' seemingly-random topic suggestions crammed into your feed, etc.)

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