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Hard Nipples


Steel Nipples


Titanium Nipples



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Now that I know how D&D works I wanna replay KOTOR series. Last time I played I had no idea how the rolls worked or anything and I still loved it. Now that I know how to play I wanna do character builds besides a tank. Which was all I could win with

I want me some Raising fucking Cane's bro

I dropped the soap in my own shower and when I bent over to get it the showerhead bidet'd me. I got violated by dropping the soap in my own shower alone.

Have I ever told you how much wizards suck because they're way too powerful, and they're also weak because a sword could easily stab them through their shitty cloth suit

I forgot to do laundry and this shirt is way too small.

You know that scene in the Incredibles when mr incredible drops out of the pod into the jungle in his old suit and stretches and his fat belly hangs out? That’s me rn

The golden age of comics didn't have most of the good ones. It was bronze and silver that should have been gold, year-wise. They had all the good ones

Why was he called Cotton-Eyed Joe. We deserve answers. What did he do that prevented you from getting married a long time ago. The truth. Now.

I deleted that tweet cause of the bad wording haha

Why is everyone getting charged with sexual assault or misconduct. Why does that keep happening. I normally don't comment on issues like this but come on stop groping people without asking. It's really not that hard.

I just spelled Onomatopoeia correctly first try for the first time in my life. I've never spelled that right before on my first attempt ever

Does all moon shine taste like paint thinner or did my friend just make paint thinner and call it moon shine

Everyone forgets about the tubes of baby M&M's. Which means that the M&M's in the commercial have definitely fucked

-holy shit
-extremely good

-can sometimes be good
-fish sticks

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