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Hard Nipples


Steel Nipples


Titanium Nipples



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Gboard. Is updating your typing experience

I've had taco bell for years but have never had the fire sauce until last Sunday. I understand the flaming shit memes now.

You ever think about how your butt is really an ass

We got a new Tier 2 at our work and he's like 50 but learning the way we talk in the T2 room which is all slang and stuff. Its hilarious because he'll get shit on in chats and say "guys I'm getting clapped. Did I say that right?" (We actually do call it that so he did)

Noses are stupid if you think about it. All it does is leak snot and smell more bad things than good things.

I started drawing on my D&D it actually turned out cool also I'm dunk

i need to get new contacts asap so i can actually do stuff in my suit without being blind

i just mixed vodka and beef broth and shot it

i dont know what kind of alchemy I just invented

Idk what anyone's talking about saying Jager is nasty cause it tasted like black licorice. I hate black licorice and I think Jager tastes amazing. I actually enjoyed that straight shot

I couldn't remember if I liked Jager or not so I bought some and just took a full shot of it.

I love Fallen Order but it's so fucking buggy it's laughable. The cutscenes and audio mismatching, the stuttering events and interactions interrupting other scripted ones when they're not supposed to

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