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Hard Nipples


Steel Nipples


Titanium Nipples



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Vegemite. Never has there been a bigger scourge on the food market-

*I notice that marmite is sitting in front row of the presentation, I start sweating*

I can't tell if James White is a joke character or if it's real

Ants are little pieces of shit don't @ me

Every Jimmy Neutron game where Jimmy has to crawl to get under an object has the top of his character model on his head not his hair, so when you crawl his hair like transcends through a solid surface, remaining just as immaculate as always

Why yes, I would love to update so that I can enjoy the new and improved Taco Bell app experience

I know people don't make a bot watch shit, but those are funny still

*hand on chin, nodding and squinting*

Hmmmmmm... Mh HMMMMM

One of my favorite things ever was one time at work we were handing a coworker cash to make a McDonald's run, and another coworker (who is the embodiment of NPC Energy) walks up and goes "I hear you're the plug for McDonald's"

I ordered a $5 chalupa cravings box from taco Bell at 11:30pm and a 3rd of it ended on my shirt

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