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like... they are related cuz mc's uncle (on their mom's side) is the other person's dad, but the grandfather of that person, on their mom's side is one of the only relatives alive on that side. so like... half great uncle? idk???

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relationship names are weird

been reading lotta novels recently, and just was stumped trying to figure out what the relationship of someone would be called

like... the mc's first cousin, but their grandparent on the other side? so not, like, a direct grandparent?

references to lewd material, trans stuff 

as much as the surgery in 294255 is pretty enviable (and unrealistic), perhaps what I wish existed either more were the classes on being a girl. :/

microfic, sad, representation of current mental health 

It doesn't matter what the rest of the building looked like. This room was her only solitude. The only light illuminating the room came from a single candle by the door, showing a dirty wooden floor, and cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. Crates stacked up and an untouched bookshelf. And in the corner, a bedraggled girl with the ears and tail of a fox, curled up as much as possible. Her eyes showed signs of crying, but no tears came out anymore. A dirty piece of clothing that might have been a white dress, at some point. She stared at the flickering light, trying to lose herself in it. After all, nobody cared about her anymore.

they don't even have to be a protagonist I just really wish I could find more good stuff with vampire girl main characters for some reason

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I want more vampire girl main characters

force closing vrchat cuz someone's using an avatar that makes it absolutely impossible to see at all, whee

lewd, pondering 

who would have guessed that crossdressing/feminization porn would leave us this thoughtful/introspective, even nowadays...


this so weird
pet fox pls

??? brain-generated nonsense 

girls love, have fun

save it to the ol' gender feels category, yeehaw

random nonsense 

foot on tree
futon tree

no context 

i know it's almost certainly not the us but my brain still screams HIPPA violation

no context quote 

"It was internal energy from his butt..!"

complaining/venting(?) abt our textual communication styles 

our problem solving process:
try to solve it entirely ourselves, reading docs, source code, SO, etc
(optional) ask somewhere where people might have an answer, receive no response
if no solution (from the first step), give up

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complaining/venting(?) abt our textual communication styles 

just on our mind again right now because we were just doing the second again, mostly, at someone, and was reminded of a post I think we saw relatively recently on here, complaining about it

and it's just like
...idk, I can't really blame it entirely, when I do it myself. though I think it was about, like, specifically, asking questions, in which case I am careful to formulate well. ...not that I ever get answers anyways, since I'm usually just asking chatrooms in these cases, not someone who has to respond, and I usually end up with incredibly esoteric questions by the time I resort to asking someone else, but

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complaining/venting(?) abt our textual communication styles 

i swear, we have, like, two modes of textual communication and switch between them entirely at random, if not sometimes blend

Sometimes, we'll write out full and proper sentences like this. Trying to express ourselves well, in a single message.

and sometimes, like
we'll just
throw small snippets in each line
if not separate messages
if that makes a difference in the platform
just somewhat stream of consciousness
even if we regret it
or end up backtracking because we didn't think ahead

skyrim inspired joke 


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