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skyrim inspired joke 


funny typo I just encountered: "preoofreader"


ahh yes, PTSD, or princess traumatic stress disorder,

manga rambling, gender related stuff 

...I mean, this is pretty much just me wishing for a series about a closeted/unaware trans girl getting the power to turn into a girl magically, but with catches (whatever limits there are, the whole fighting evil thing, etc)

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manga rambling, gender related stuff 

and I guess it'd depend on like, how exactly it decides to make powers work and stuff, but like trying to be their magical girl form full time could be interesting

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manga rambling, gender related stuff 

i wonder if there's a manga about a guy becoming a magical girl where the guy's actually happy with it immediately
at least some like have them at least accept it but
idk it would be nice to see them just, like
crying after the first time because they're so happy and not wanting to change back and stuff and whatever the results might be


oh dex of the manga, please bless us with ACTUALLY WORKING SOMETIMES

...okay I shouldn't really be that angry, I'm plenty grateful to it, but... I'm just vexed when it doesn't want to work and I want it to work

no context, lewd 

what's with all the yaoi kitsune mangas anyways? where are my yuri kitsune mangas? >:(

no context quote 

"this isn't about right and wrong, it's an economic case study proven by game theory"


oh my goddesses they stole the fuckin SI prefixes for magic

i was gonna ponder if there was any two prime numbers such that adding them together resulted in another prime number

then i was like "wait, but any two prime numbers would then be even and not prime"

and then i remembered that 2 is a prime number and 2+5=7

cw food 

trying to decide if I wanna buy myself something from a restaurant tonight as a treat or not
probably some chimken
i can justify the money, esp as I don't have much food at home rn
but I don't really wanna go out and delivery isn't justifiable really

from the shellHook of a nixops shell.nix, to get proper terminal control when the thing's rebuilt, without having to have my terminal emulator be part of the machine's actual derivation
normally kitty provides a ssh wrapper that does this but well nixops is its own ssh wrapper so it would be a problem, but because of that i dont think theres much of a point in genericising this much, oh well

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reminded of this snippet that i'm surprisingly proud of: alias fixterm='infocmp xterm-kitty | nixops ssh -d <omitted> <omitted> -- tic -x -o \~/.terminfo /dev/stdin'

no context quote 

"effect: to be muscular"

no context nonsense 

"what's with this goku-ass training method"

random thought about Christmas and "santa" wrt this year 

y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if parents were to say that the presents that arrive in time for Christmas with the I hear bad mail situation are from Santa, and the late ones from them

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