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from the shellHook of a nixops shell.nix, to get proper terminal control when the thing's rebuilt, without having to have my terminal emulator be part of the machine's actual derivation
normally kitty provides a ssh wrapper that does this but well nixops is its own ssh wrapper so it would be a problem, but because of that i dont think theres much of a point in genericising this much, oh well

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reminded of this snippet that i'm surprisingly proud of: alias fixterm='infocmp xterm-kitty | nixops ssh -d <omitted> <omitted> -- tic -x -o \~/.terminfo /dev/stdin'

no context quote 

"effect: to be muscular"

no context nonsense 

"what's with this goku-ass training method"

random thought about Christmas and "santa" wrt this year 

y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if parents were to say that the presents that arrive in time for Christmas with the I hear bad mail situation are from Santa, and the late ones from them


du du dududu dududu dududu chimera!


the is this a pigeon meme but with "is this a long strip" and "anything that doesn't perfectly fit the Japanese manga norm"

no context nonsense 

trickle down isekainomics

increasingly powerful forms of ara ara 

ara ara
arara no ra

i just made myself a worse earworm by combining two and I have to share 

camellia's exit this earth's atmosphere

plus castlevania son's master librarian going "hehe, thank you"

slightly lewd hot take 

worst MangaDex tag: ecchi
second worst MangaDex tag: harem

if I want lewd stuff there are plenty of better sites, and harem is just... I'm for polygamy but they usually just... handle it grossly. and it's always one guy with girls. :v

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fransassin will need to assassinate more assassins

no context "nonsense" 

the ninja ninja is a very good avatar

like, no joke, switched avatars in vrchat, it froze my entire display, then black screened, then came back corrupted and inverted, then black again, then to lightdm

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vrchat just crashed x11
that's interesting

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LogMeIn Haachama

the context 

fallen london, sold a bunch of things and now have close to half the price of an overgoat in echoes
i think i have more than enough value in total, but there's a bunch of stuff I'm still hesitant to sell

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