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random tip:
black electrical tape works quite well in my experience for covering up pesky LEDs, especially ones that are too bright when trying to sleep

problem is that at least my roll of tape likes to get less sticky and leave residue after a while, but especially in low contact areas it works nice

cw weed 

not like we smoke, so it's not for that, and even if we did, it'd probably be cannabis vaping, tbh, so. fire not needed

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we'd be most likely to find a butane lighter useful in an everyday sorta sense, i think, and otherwise the point would mostly just be for emergencies / "emergencies", which makes a cheap, long lasting lighter make sense... but also there are better emergency/survival options, maybe, a zippo would be cool but.... maybe not practical enough, even with a portable fuel canister, electric lighters are neat but not widely useful.

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most tempted to either buy a butane lighter or just get like a couple cheap bics from like a gas station or walgreens, but there's also like. a bunch more options

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mmh. looking at lighters and fire starters in general and I probably want to get something but there are so many options and I'm not even totally sure what exactly I'm looking for/want.

Augh. Just spent like half an hour trying to figure out why has been down and if Bernard Doove is okay. finally found which shows he's probably still okay and is doing server stuff, but doesn't quite explain the long downtime (especially since I feel like it was broken before this was posted, certainly for more than just yesterday). :v

I am learning Deeper Magics of NixOS tonight. Looking into the implementation of the module system, and figuring out exactly how mkMerge/mkOverride/mkOrder are processed.

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Also very nice for the new stats this year, too. My first Mithridacy item, Red Science, Player of Chess...

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Also: turns out Fruits of the Zee is really good for BDR improvements. I'll have gotten essentially a +4 from all the Fruits items by the end, and several are BiS.

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So, like... I'll hopefully get another 2 from Fruits of the Zee, if I went for a yacht, I could get another 2, and then... everything is pretty much out of reach for now.

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Like... I'll be getting one soon from Fruits of the Zee, One is ambition or Whitsun (and probably effectively Fate locked), I can reasonably get one more on weapon from Fruits (other improvements are ambition, Feast Fate, or seeking), one more from a Fate locked transport (or ambition item), I can get a ship, and then in theory I could get 2 or 3 from a spouse, but the 2 are Feast Fate locked and the 3 is... very expensive Fate locked, I believe.

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I'm startlingly close to being maxed out on BDR, wow. I mean, theoretically, I can get 11 more, actually, which... sounds like a lot, but I'm at 28, and most of the remaining possible improvements are Fate and/or time locked, or in one case, from Seeking, so.

like, really
20:55:21 up 2:04, 1 user, load average: 16.87, 15.64, 9.51

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turns out this is code for "we're just gonna use all your cpu power for processing the shader cache for like 10 minutes", apparently

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ah yes, my favourite dialog box text, # SteamUI_JoinDialog_ProcessingShaderCache

bad hypno/slightly lewd(?) joke 

Tired: trans girls
Wired: trance girls

reminded of a project idea that idk if we'll ever manage to work on

i guess we could try maybe but it's a weird project and somewhat out of our depth?

Honestly with the whole Flash EoL thing, the part I'm most worried about and don't think I've seen an answer to is what will happen w/ Homestuck, especially because some was actually interactive even just of what I've actually read, and maybe even other MSPA stuff if any used flash.

LRT: Bought it a while ago and finally got around to reading it recently. It's pretty good!

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