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I managed to make a full simple game for the redshift! I present to you all: "SIMPLE PONG" :P

pretty much just a unwinnable game of pong. you lose if it touches the left side of the window. press start then to restart. but that's enough to count as a game to me!

"a little steam-y punk-y gadget-y thingamabobber-y"

subtoot joke??? 

butn make gpu go nyoom :blobcat3c:

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no-context quote 

"It is within this semiotic matrix, defined by place theorists and postmodern theories of disability, that the ABC TV "reality" program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EMHE) functions to interpret the image of people with disabilities."

this is a bad joke but its also true
it would be nice to relax with a game, but, like, I'm not sure any game we have, especially the ones we could run/have installed, would really be relaxing right now :c

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me: i could really use a relaxing game to play, that won't be too stressful or anything. i wonder what i have that fits that?
every game i own: nervously looks at each other, tries to shuffle away

positive subtoot 

werewolves are v good

very lewd, irl pic 

fun facts:
this is our first time doing something like this in probably close to a year or more. have just... really hated our body, even selfies, much less something like this, but after shaving this morning, and with recently being more actively lewd, finally wanted to try taking pictures again, I guess.
this is actually the very last one we took. didn't like any of the earlier ones enough, especially as we really wanted to go for a "soft" look, which included... being soft.

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"Who needs walls? All they do is just weigh down the rocket."

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Woo, I have 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine! Now to decide if I want to bother with dinitrogen tetroxide or just use straight oxygen.

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Currently working on setting up production of 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine ^.^

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i think we're going to have to figure out how best to wear/display pins, what with ones we should be getting before the end of the year and more we kinda want to get

any suggestions, I guess?

how do people even plan out writing fiction anyways like
organizing short story/microfiction ideas or noting details about a setting or about how plot in a larger work will flow or whatever
especially when whatever is in, like, a planning/ideas state

LRT: we'd also suggest, which links to that and some other sites as well!

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