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mh, affection ask 

Today has been incredibly stressful and so much is happening tomorrow and just
maybe please pet us or something?;;

maybe consider petting foxes/chakats? ;;

selfie, ec 

so i got a dramatic new haircut
(sorry the picture isn't the best)

wish we had anyone we could, like, play a game with or try to watch a show with or even just... talk with anymore :(

as for ourselves, the answer is generally "we haven't, really", hence the question, though there's a thing or two we picked up somewhere, like src to hold most things that are under git, though that excludes a lot of stuff, and other things, just generally not useful enough for organization.

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open ended question to anyone who has an answer: how do you organize your home directory on *NIX systems? where do downloads go, documents you're working on, screenshots, other images, source code?

We're considering trying a new shell for a while. used zsh for years, but kinda want to try something new. looking at mostly fish or xonsh? but it's kinda hard to decide.

mh (---) 

looked at birdhellsite when already not very okay
now we're curled up, unable to cry, super depressed and alone and longing and just

Asking for recommendations: so if, like, i wanted to get a collar of some sort for self ownership reasons... would anyone have suggestions of the sort of things that might work okay, if not exact items?;;

oh yeah, a few days ago, i finally found the courage to put some of the stickers from @rey on my surface

cw: mh, BPD, not-really-subtoot 

but like
we fit, like, 95% of the criteria/signs/symptoms for every other mental health disorder we actually look up
which means we have essentially no idea what is actually wrong with us
and we can't even predict ourselves

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cw: mh, BPD, not-really-subtoot 

reposted to add CW, not that anyone probably saw it in the first place to realise

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cw: mh, BPD, not-really-subtoot 

looks up BPD again
oh, yeah, that thing, that we fit literally every bit of except for the impulsive/risky behaviour
...which we often still wish we could do, thinking about it

but it can't really be BPD right it's just some other way we're broken with the same signs (which, frustratingly, is probably at the least possible)

do people have some magical garment they can put pins on or, like, what?

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what do people even do with pins anyways
and to a lesser degree, stickers
and to a greater degree, patches

sorry we've been so quiet
been not doing well and afraid of saying anything or talking to people in general
not that that part is news but

saw a post joking about keyboard layouts and was reminded of how one time in chat i typed a line of gibberish and people were like "cat on your keyboard?" and i was just like "no, I accidentally switched keyboard layouts >.<" and the streamer was like "huh. that's a first."

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