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(sorry for clogging the public timeline with this. just felt important to share maybe;;; )

I think im about to go to sleep, slightly before the day rolls over here, so: tomorrow, the 25's my birthday! whee. pretty much nothing special's happening at all, for various reasons. will have somehow been alive for a whole 22 years.

i finally got the linkle mod for breath of the wild working and im really happy to be playing it;;;

like, just, to be playing this again, but as like explicitly a girl means a lot, like, about to cry right now lot;;;

what noises do a fox make anyways really?;; like that we could make;;

the problem is that i think, like, most people just use CEMU to do modded BOTW? but, like, I don't have a powerful computer but do have a completely open WiiU, _specifically because of BotW_

like, i used sdcaffiene, iirc, and that kinda seemed to work, but supposedly blood moons unload it and things like that
and i think what some people were saying was the "proper" way was a headache and a half

i should look into botw mods again
i think supposedly, like, every outfit is done for linkle? i was hopeful for zelda, but i think there was like drama and i never really got what was released right, especially as like the details are fuzzy for wiiu for how to actually get mods working well

Does anyone have suggestions for good mastodon instances, particularly ones that are furry/plural friendly? Considering making an alternate account, probably for mostly one headmate. I'd lean to just making another account on here for a few reasons, but there's good reasons not to too, hence wondering if anyone has suggestions.

i also wonder if there's not something more to this desire to make a Skyrim player home, especially given how I'm not likely to use it and noone else is either.

there are really good player home mods out there. just, none that we ever tried really left us totally happy, usually because they weren't functional enough, sometimes because they were too detailed for our computer to handle, sometimes just broken in a way too apparent to ignore

i still really want to make a player home of my own for skyrim
i never really managed to get super into skyrim and was never good and my desktop can't run it well, especially with all the mods that seem necessary or "necessary"
but just. the messing around we've done with player home mods and stuff in the past has always just left us wanting something of our own, something better that fits our wants and takes inspiration from some of the better ones we've seen
and a lot of the time when we get reminded of Skyrim we get thinking about this again

for some reason gboard reset my theme (i added another language earlier but i wouldnt think that would affect themes) so i decided to do this instead now

Trying to decide if i should put any of these on my Surface.

Why, it's stickers, thanks to the amazing @rey! 💜💜💜

HTTP joke 

Oh, and you should(?) be able to use it if you're not on, you just need to change the in the script to your own domain.
(I say should because I think this instance runs a fork so maybe it doesn't work on mainline and probably not on pleroma)

Stylus, and maybe other extensions, should work to use it if anyone actually wants

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