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URGENT, homelessness, temporary housing needed in seattle area, boosts appreciated Show more

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:brain1:​ using proprietary software
:brain2: using free and open source software because you dislike proprietary software
:brain3: illegally downloading proprietary software because you dislike it, but you also want to use it
:brain5: illegally downloading proprietary software just to disrespect it while using free and open source alternatives

To clarify, this wasn't me/I wasn't involved.

I kinda wish I was.

A lot of my interaction with creators... just kinda died out as I started realising identity stuff, started being more anxious, etc. And I should maybe try to get that fixed, some day.

Makes me realise that, perhaps, I should try to be more vocal/supportive of the smaller creators than I currently am. I don't know how much is even possible for me, but...

Ten years, from... honestly, one of my favourite YouTubers. And that's not a small thing for me to say.

Usually I probably wouldn't share something like this, for reasons like I don't know if anyone who sees this will care. But...

Yeah this is filtered and effect-ed and whatever I don't care because it makes me look not *completely* terrible

It's been a while since I last shared a picture of me.

like, drawing or writing are probably our best shots at showing some of this, and they both require so much *skill* that we lack. and we know that the way to gain that is practice, but practice... practice is hard.

we can try to draw, or write, or make a game or something, but... skill, technical limitations, limitations of the form...

i'm currently sad because i'll never really get to show the things in our head. the places. the stories. no matter how much we try to replicate them, they'll never be the same as they are to us.

kinda wanted? is that the right thing to say? just, a couple different programming ideas, learning Japanese, trying to get any sort of identity or sense of self, surviving classes, figuring out clothes/how to look okay/take care of myself, you know, normal things

we have a lot of things we kinda want to do lately and we dont have enough time, energy, spoons, money, etc to do many of them at all
is ALttP going to be the first game I actually learn to speedrun

because it's looking like it's possible

fake flippers, item dashes, superspeed, and now simple overworld clipping.

In fact, that makes... four glitches I can do now? I'm learning! ^.^

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