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@ctrlaltdog and like i never used it that much, and it feels more tailored to, like, shooty games, which most of which my computer's can't run/I'm bad at, but like
it's a really cool controller y'know?

@ctrlaltdog apparently they're stopping making it too
im tempted to get another one at these prices especially as something made buttons on my current one stick and i want that battery door

this is a bad joke but its also true
it would be nice to relax with a game, but, like, I'm not sure any game we have, especially the ones we could run/have installed, would really be relaxing right now :c

me: i could really use a relaxing game to play, that won't be too stressful or anything. i wonder what i have that fits that?
every game i own: nervously looks at each other, tries to shuffle away

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@Felthry Just tested with Minish Cap, and yep, it works for at least GBA games too.

@Felthry I think this also works with the virtual console Gameboy games, IIRC!

@netkitty dd if=/dev/urandom of=/home/kitten/bowl/bytes bs=4096 count=1
There you go! :blobcathug:

@velartrill I think the big thing is that Apple's faceid supposedly doesn't work with unconscious people? (though there was a thing a while back where apparently properly doctored glasses could trick it, I think?)

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@roxy it says iOS devices and "at the time of writing our code", so it may be better even on iOS devices now

@zkat i mean we've wanted to write a client in Rust for a while now, so

"Who needs walls? All they do is just weigh down the rocket."

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