@velartrill also, as expected, the build is broken because headers on NixOS. may or may not be worth custom logic?

@velartrill trying to figure out fossil here
is it okay if I make a branch for this Android experimentation? i'd prefer to not have to, like, do my coding on my phone for this, which leaves me in an awkward situation, because I'd also like to not break trunk as much as I can? if that's even something reasonable to worry about?

@velartrill yeah, that's what I meant by "looking at termux", sorry. the rest was just a note abt what it probably would take to get xc.

@velartrill yeah, i'm looking at termux. i think if i wanted to cross compile, the first step is something like "rewrite build.sh to be able to do cross compilation", so. I have a couple of paths for termux so I can at least do the first thing, and maybe try the second, though I'm not familiar w/ ARM assembly.
uhh, probably "glowpelt" for the username, i guess?

@velartrill out of curiosity I've begun poking at what it might take to get libk working on Android
do you mind if I do so and try to give changes back, once I figure out fossil?

@velartrill i found aura much nicer than anything else i tried, though that list wasn't especially long ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@velartrill i feel this so much
mostly we keep on trying to use aura on everything else from years of arch

wish we had anyone we could, like, play a game with or try to watch a show with or even just... talk with anymore :(

@velartrill yeah, just checked email, three domains expiring in the latter half of September
should really do something about that
as we go off to do something very much not that

@velartrill saaaame
we have two or three domains expiring in under two months (when their (first?) warning was) and we have not been able to get ourselves around to doing that still

mh~, neurodivergent waffling 

@kaniini That base isn't wide enough for it to be safe as anything other than a decorative piece. Also, definitely not if that's the price they want down there.

@pup_hime so probably pushed by clueless people as to these phenomenons of human psychology, or the people who want to keep being predatory and evil as "no really, it will work!"

@pup_hime i'd guess it's supposed to mean that then people can actually look at the odds and make informed decisions
however, that doesn't actually work, if you look at the lottery or even just roulette,

@velartrill i could, and did, write a full paragraph about how just about every chat service we touch that uses some markup to let you do simple formatting does it differently, before deleting it because it's just a wall of us being frustrated at everyone and everything

@velartrill yeah, and for a while it was helped b/c discord makes both *asterisks* and _underscores_ italics.

i mean honestly, it's frustrating how just about everywhere decides they need their own way of doing text formatting, and nothing works across everything

@velartrill and so all the config loading code is just a giant, giant mess at first glance of fallbacks and support for old code (places assume that, you know, you have a local config and they can do file manipulations in the same directory as your pinerc?), support for fallbacks and registry stuff specific to Windows and predecessors, etc. I didn't even find whatever causes that renaming you encountered, pretty sure.

@velartrill it was with _underscores_, which I am somewhat used to using for italics, because slack makes *asterisks* bold. no idea what markdown processor is actually used, though, for that to work, I just keep accidentally doing it.

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