@codl I've never had sleep work well ever on Linux, tbh. Honestly don't even try it nowadays.

@pup_hime I feel like... games aren't inherently worse than any other media or anything. But they're a lot harder to do well, because the story has to be... a conversation. It's not being told to you, the player is, to at least some degree, more involved. And the more choice you give, exponentially more effort is required.

LRT: Bought it a while ago and finally got around to reading it recently. It's pretty good!

spoonie, pain, dry morbid humor, description of pain/fictional abuse 

@aldersprig ...mildly curious about what the fanfic is, though I probably shouldn't read it anyways.

brought to you by seeing "guylian" on a random piece of packaging, and, well, the bad joke and worse (above) joke followed

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@foxwitch Computers are layers upon layers of abstractions and simplifications, from the literal silicon layer upwards

I doubt this joke is new but I just thought of it myself and liked it so

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actually honestly idk how people feel about those style bots on the fediverse, i just kinda miss one from twitter and would like to make a very similar one too if i were to steal that one

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i should, like, see about making mastodon bots sometime. there's a couple just, like, "every " style bots that i think would be nice to follow on here personally?

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@rey vape-orwave

@rey hey, uhh, sorry to bother you, but we've been noticing that occasionally some media hasn't been loading (from other servers) properly the past, maybe week or two or something? not happening often, but we've seen it two or three times and figured we should let you know.
example of one that isn't working properly: vulpine.club/web/statuses/1037 (hopefully this link works properly)

@Felthry Augh, accidentally deleted my draft. Guacamelee seems maybe okay from what we've seen, but it wasn't enough to really pass judgement. Then there's some games we've been trying to avoid seeing, to experience them for the first time playing them, like Ori and the Blind Forest (and kinda Hollow Knight except I feel like we saw a speedrun and stuff oops).

@Felthry Bearing in mind that, like, we've actually played none of these, just watched others playing them... Super Metroid is still pretty good, and of newer games, Axiom Verge comes to mind as being quite good?

current personal opinion on above poll 

I feel like DNS system isn't as egregious as the other, usual examples of this phenomenon, though I'm not quite sure why. I think maybe it feels like a system of systems kinda makes sense?

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Hmm. Is "DNS system" better or worse than "PIN number" or "ATM machine"? :boost_requested:

@Draekos Oh my gosh these are a real thing??? We've literally prototyped a taur bed design that's extremely similar to this in the past (including a bad attempt at modelling in blender)

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