@zkat i mean we've wanted to write a client in Rust for a while now, so

"Who needs walls? All they do is just weigh down the rocket."

@Felthry Turns out I can't easily do it at my current power level, so I just went for plain oxygen, sadly.

@Felthry Oh, you might like this: To make "Rocket Fuel", I just straight up mix UDMH+my oxidizer, which is... yeah.

@Felthry Haha, yeah that sounds... difficult to use and dangerous.

Woo, I have 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine! Now to decide if I want to bother with dinitrogen tetroxide or just use straight oxygen.

@Felthry I mean it makes sense - model too much of that and it becomes unfun to deal with. people will complain about even electronics shorting out in rain, so...

@Felthry Nah, just plain oxygen or dinitrogen tetroxide.

@Felthry (That was a joke, just to be clear; and it is actually perfectly safe; the unsafeness of all the chemical action I'm doing generally isn't modeled, besides maybe the liquid in world hurting you or something.)

Currently working on setting up production of 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine ^.^

@Felthry Not full! Only... 15.3 kilobuckets of sulfuric acid and 372 buckets of chlorine.

i think we're going to have to figure out how best to wear/display pins, what with ones we should be getting before the end of the year and more we kinda want to get

any suggestions, I guess?

@Felthry @kellerfuchs So if you have, say, a webapp, you're going to need to handle things like, say, people trying to do two conflicting operations at the same time - like making accounts with the same username. A way to handle this is talking to a networked database, like, in this case, PostgreSQL. It can handle things like what operations actually get to happen and ensure eventual consistency. Postgre's a relational database because the data is stored in tables with relationships to each other - the main alternative, I believe, is things like NoSQL with servers like MongoDB.

@Felthry (if the first part is also a joke, sorry) PostgreSQL is a... powerful FOSS relational database, sometimes just called postgres. postgresql.org/

@velartrill read that as demonize and then daemonize before we managed to read it correctly

how do people even plan out writing fiction anyways like
organizing short story/microfiction ideas or noting details about a setting or about how plot in a larger work will flow or whatever
especially when whatever is in, like, a planning/ideas state

LRT: we'd also suggest areweplural.com, which links to that and some other sites as well!

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