cw self harm, photo 

all those over just two times in the past few days. :(

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photo, legs 

saw this view while browsing media in a app that had a live camera preview as a selection and was like "wait that doesn't look completely terrible somehow???"

food, meat 

inspired by someone else, here's my dinner

very simple spamwich and my normal nuun

selfie, eye contact 

We got a drasticish haircut
So take, like, our first publicly shared photo of ourselves in years probably?
(... still feel ugly but the hairstyle is interesting at least so)

I managed to make a full simple game for the redshift! I present to you all: "SIMPLE PONG" :P

pretty much just a unwinnable game of pong. you lose if it touches the left side of the window. press start then to restart. but that's enough to count as a game to me!

selfie, ec 

so i got a dramatic new haircut
(sorry the picture isn't the best)

oh yeah, a few days ago, i finally found the courage to put some of the stickers from @rey on my surface

for some reason gboard reset my theme (i added another language earlier but i wouldnt think that would affect themes) so i decided to do this instead now

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