I managed to make a full simple game for the redshift! I present to you all: "SIMPLE PONG" :P

pretty much just a unwinnable game of pong. you lose if it touches the left side of the window. press start then to restart. but that's enough to count as a game to me!

selfie, ec 

so i got a dramatic new haircut
(sorry the picture isn't the best)

oh yeah, a few days ago, i finally found the courage to put some of the stickers from @rey on my surface

for some reason gboard reset my theme (i added another language earlier but i wouldnt think that would affect themes) so i decided to do this instead now

topless selfie, bad selfie 

fresh out of the shower. decided to try to take a picture of myself because its been months. not really a good one, but i'm bad at selfies and don't have a good backdrop/lighting or anything. sorry.

It's been a while since I last shared a picture of me.

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