brain turning an explicitly happy ending of something sad. suppose that gives a little insight to where we are mentally - both that in general and the exact nature of the sadness :/

lewd, sad? 

the something's a... doujinshi? is that the right term? so that's why we weren't explicit because otherwise it felt sharable un-cwed initially

and the exact details are uh, two "versions" of the same person but one is the original "voiceroid" (apparently it's not just something made up for this work, though the depiction is like realistic humanoid android w/ advanced AI and stuff) and the other one is still mostly human - so our brain goes "wait but the human one would prolly feel inferior?? at least in our view?"

...and here's the link because we may as well share it at this point maybe? /shrug


lewd, sad? 

...maybe we shoulda just linked it first and then explained directly. oh well, fsr don't feel like going through all that so


...also I want that to happen to me a lot right now;;; :(

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