mmh. looking at lighters and fire starters in general and I probably want to get something but there are so many options and I'm not even totally sure what exactly I'm looking for/want.

most tempted to either buy a butane lighter or just get like a couple cheap bics from like a gas station or walgreens, but there's also like. a bunch more options

we'd be most likely to find a butane lighter useful in an everyday sorta sense, i think, and otherwise the point would mostly just be for emergencies / "emergencies", which makes a cheap, long lasting lighter make sense... but also there are better emergency/survival options, maybe, a zippo would be cool but.... maybe not practical enough, even with a portable fuel canister, electric lighters are neat but not widely useful.

cw weed 

not like we smoke, so it's not for that, and even if we did, it'd probably be cannabis vaping, tbh, so. fire not needed

@myst i normally just use a cheap gas station bic but i got a plasma lighter as a backup for when it's too windy or rainy to light my smokes. it's cool bc you can just recharge it with usb and it doesn't need any nasty chemicals
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