i feel like it would be cool someday to just have, like, a display somewhere that just, like, shows a twitch stream constantly, with like a list of channels (ordered in order of preference of who to display, probably with a toggle for "switch to this over any other lower streams if they start versus just switch to them if someone higher on the list stops and they're the highest up streaming")

probably just like a smallish LCD panel or something hooked up to a pi
not sure if optional audio is even worth it, considering how often I use headphones
but i feel like it would just be a neat project, y'know? kinda comparable to just having a TV on some station in the background

maybe have cheap speakers and have it by a table or smth so I could watch it while doing whatever at the table if I wanted, no hastle. idk.


this idea brought to you by: gdq, and how I often don't really like watching it live, even if it's a game I want to watch the run of eventually, and that maybe it'd be neat to just... have it there if i wanted to glance at it, without wasting resources on one of my computers or anything

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