Currently working on setting up production of 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine ^.^

Woo, I have 1,1-Dimethylhydrazine! Now to decide if I want to bother with dinitrogen tetroxide or just use straight oxygen.

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@Felthry Nah, just plain oxygen or dinitrogen tetroxide.

@myst Aw, but UDMH/RFNA is the most deliciously ridiculously dangerous fuel mixture short of The Tripropellant

@myst (The Tripropellant = molten Li, liquid H₂, and liquid F₂. this was tested once, found to be the highest specific impulse of any fuel mixture, and then never tested again for obvious reasons as well as non-obvious reasons)

@Felthry Haha, yeah that sounds... difficult to use and dangerous.

@Felthry Oh, you might like this: To make "Rocket Fuel", I just straight up mix UDMH+my oxidizer, which is... yeah.

@myst It is... probably around #4 on my list of Things To Stay Very Far Away From. You probably don't want to know what's higher on the list.

@myst NTO, for more of those delicious mixed nitrogen oxides.

@Felthry Turns out I can't easily do it at my current power level, so I just went for plain oxygen, sadly.

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