does anyone have suggestions for a graphics card to get? trying to look around b/c i could get one rn. budget's probably ~$200, ~$250, at most ~$300. linux support is important, so maybe amd, but i really don't know amd which is part of why i'm asking. don't want to go overboard but whatever i get will probably need to last me for years, because money, but similarly i probably wont be playing the newest hottest releases or anything.


my computer in general is starting to get old and out of date, but getting a new everything is many times more money than i have. cpu is like the second best my motherboard can support, new mobo would need a new case, ram *would* be nice but mostly matters for minecraft and virtual machines, so a new graphics card would probably be more useful, having a big ssd to have more stuff on would be nice, but i don't think thats really the bottlenecks im running into

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