Hello everyone! I need your help to make a dream of mine come true - every little contribution or share would be greatly appreciated <3


"I'm down for whatever, really" is just bottomspeak for "please decide for me I either don't know what my options are, don't wanna be difficult, or both"

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Boost if you are:
-tired of being misgendered
-ready for spring
-ready for prison abolition

I'm realizing that the girl who doesn't know she's gay experience is much different from the dude who doesn't know he's gay experience because girls have all these avenues for expressing platonic affection that could possibly be misinterpreted as romantic, but the closest thing dudes have is just thinking "man that guy is handsome and also I want to be friends with him. These are two separate and unrelated thoughts."

The term "egg" is a very useful term to for trans people to retroactively describe our past selves. It is also useful in the abstract sense, and having a shared language brings the community together.

The line should be drawn at using it to describe actively-questioning people.

This paper on a malloc() replacement that DOES COMPACTION even on C/C++ is making the rounds: arxiv.org/pdf/1902.04738.pdf

Scarily beautiful.

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plural people 🤝 very active discord servers

i got new underwear and it's really nice and I've been wearing them and no pants and that's been *really* nice. i def need to do this more.

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