being mildly sad/distraught 

why does so much fan media seem to have a hurt gura? it breaks my poor heart ;w;

just in a doc comment in a header, but

idk, i found it funny

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"the event is sned"

actual misspelling in ibus

vtuber meme, through altered song lyrics 

I fell down into the hole of VTubers
I fell down, down, down
And the memes went higher

saw a wikipedia disambiguation page that had separate lists of real and fictional people (on JP wiki, and I can't tell if this is common for EN, though I swear I've seen it done before), and I'm now wondering if a VTuber would be considered "real" or "fictional"

as someone who's been watching... a few Youtube streams lately, probably the biggest thing I wish it had that twitch has is the Theatre mode, cuz youtube just... has too much whitespace. Fullscreen theatre mode is a great compromise between video and chat that you just can't get easily with YT

its a nice feeling when someone actually interacts with one of my random posts
even if it's just a lick/like, it means a lot cuz i'm attention starved >.<

inspired by a comment on a "bfg division over something" video i watched for some reason, but like
i feel like it could actually be funny, seeing like a merlin pull in fgo (i think hes real good, or was last i paid any attention to fgo) or smth like that, at the time of the drop

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...kinda want to see bfg division over gacha rolls...

it's actually be a neat challenge what I'm thinking of, even with the simplified operation mode of a drop chute to go down and buttons only on the bottom
lots of logistics of water and such

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(specifically thinking about building a fancy multi floor bubble column elevator in MC, where the "failsafe" would actually be, like, opening all the way)

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funny how you think I'm bothered
know I'm nothing like the others
you shouldn't have messed with me cuz I heard
you're afraid of monsters, monsters

"How does it feel having four ears?"
"Only one pair of ears actually works. The other pair, it hears things that... aren't meant to be heard by mortal ears."


vrchat rambling, anxiety 

I bet I could really enjoy vrchat, except for the crippling social anxiety;;
fun trying out avatars in private instances which I figured out how to do but I tried to go into a public thing and just no;; :c
also afraid of being judged for avatar choices too, which doesn't help;;;;;

can someone just, like
flip the switch in my brain from "terrified of literally everyone and everything" to "doesn't give a fuck about what other people think"? can't seem to do it myself kthxbai

you ever just get a song super stuck in your head after hearing even a little of it, and have to share it and everything? yeah.

sometimes I'm just really tempted to reply to spam/phishing w/ uwuspeak and copypastas and such. it probably wouldn't accomplish anything useful, but it's funny to imagine making these people just back up and go "wait, what the fuck?"

I mean I have lanyards (that came with/were bought with a bunch of the pins) that maybe they could go on but I don't have any reason to wear the lanyard(s) really, and otherwise idk

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