at least his flashbangs make enough sense, and he could make other grenades too probably

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foxes, like onions, have layers

hajime out there somehow making a railgun without any metal

microfic, exploration of current mental state kinda maybe? 

In a well off looking mansion, in some city, the name unimportant, there is a storage room. A few rough bookshelves filled with boring records, crates that are heavier than they look due to their contents. And a surprising lack of dust.

For in one corner is where a foxgirl has to sleep. Treated even lower than the rest of the servants, her only possessions a couple tattered blankets, a few of threadbare outfits, consisting only of the simplest dresses and underwear, and a simple looking necklace, hardly more than a rock on a string.

If you look at night, you can see her, her hair messy, usually in her outfit from the previous day, with visible dirt and grime. Against the wall, one blanket around her, attempting to provide some cushioning and cover, the other folded up as a makeshift pillow. And if you were to see her before she falls asleep, you might notice her quietly letting out the tears she holds in, feeling sad and afraid and in pain.

...and even then I have an oddly hard time even with the rough conversion for some reason

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...wish I had a good sense of how valuable things are in yen

like... jp things keep using it ofc and I can only try to roughly convert and compare against my standards and where I live

lewd but not??? is the thing I guess I may as well share instead of just vagueposting

...though that gives ppl more of an insight than we maybe want??? idk

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lewd but not??? 

...not sure I would have expected something from e-hentai to be, like... this not lewd and wholesome and... heartachey cuz it gives us wants :c

mh (--) 

well I read a little of one after posting this
was mostly just the active behaviours
I guess I was hoping for more, like
signs of having been abused

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mh (--) 

repeatedly googles "signs of emotional abuse", can't actually bring their selves to read any of the results

this is fine

...I wish I could do cute and gay things;;;

sudden enlightenment that one of the stories I'm reading is likely a too lightly edited voice recognition work

cw cannabis 

oh here it is
slightly earlier than expected but still remarkably close

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cw cannabis 

my minimal experience says that the edibles should be kicking in in about 10 minutes

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cw cannabis 

what with all the stress we just went through

high fops incoming

i'm not sure how retrieving a soul from another universe for merging is easier than just repairing a half damaged soul, but sure, author, you do you

read an article talking bout ethernet cables, but they only referred to them as cat cables, and my brain is just like

nyaa cables

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