Yeah this is filtered and effect-ed and whatever I don't care because it makes me look not *completely* terrible

It's been a while since I last shared a picture of me.

like, drawing or writing are probably our best shots at showing some of this, and they both require so much *skill* that we lack. and we know that the way to gain that is practice, but practice... practice is hard.

we can try to draw, or write, or make a game or something, but... skill, technical limitations, limitations of the form...

i'm currently sad because i'll never really get to show the things in our head. the places. the stories. no matter how much we try to replicate them, they'll never be the same as they are to us.

kinda wanted? is that the right thing to say? just, a couple different programming ideas, learning Japanese, trying to get any sort of identity or sense of self, surviving classes, figuring out clothes/how to look okay/take care of myself, you know, normal things

we have a lot of things we kinda want to do lately and we dont have enough time, energy, spoons, money, etc to do many of them at all
is ALttP going to be the first game I actually learn to speedrun

because it's looking like it's possible

fake flippers, item dashes, superspeed, and now simple overworld clipping.

In fact, that makes... four glitches I can do now? I'm learning! ^.^

Yay I'm learning how to break ALttP! I've started to be able to do outside clipping. Sometimes. After several tries.

At least as far as I know, once you have it down, you just need to know what parts of walls and what movement you're going for, though. So getting this down is good.

also, just realised i should say this because someone else said something similar: sorry if i don't follow back fast/am nervous/etc. even if you're good, like... I'm way too used to having to be ultra paranoid because of the birdhellsite.

Been trying ALttPR today. It's real fun, and despite never playing the base game, I learned enough from just watching randomizer playthroughs to generally know what I'm doing. I'm also rapidly running out of spots where progression items can be, to the point where I'm having to just try to go through every dungeon for chests, which is like
something I'm real bad at.

i dont know how to flirt and thats a problem because i really kinda wish i could flirt with someone right now

@myst of course, turns out i was already following everyone i wanted to follow, but. shrug.

There we go i figured out how to add people from their name with this app
its not really hard i just need the right account selected while searching

makes sense, just tripped me up

glowpelt awooed

Also, like. I don't know how to handle/how I want to handle lewd stuff on Mastodon.

@myst I think a big problem is just the whole app situation. I'm using twidere, and it's pretty nice, but it still... I'm used to the official Twitter app. Sure, it sucks, but third party Android clients that I tried always seemed to suck more.

Simultaneously much more interested in Mastodon and feeling cautious about it now. Maybe this will get me to post more?

...Probably still not, but hey.

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