photo, legs 

saw this view while browsing media in a app that had a live camera preview as a selection and was like "wait that doesn't look completely terrible somehow???"

weird lewd sea shanty joke 

soon may the wellerman cum
to bring us sugar and tea and cum

question: is tusky still a good android fedi client? i mean, it seems to still work but idk if there's something better/more updated I should maybe use?

weird joke post? idk 


read some of a story that has us wanting to try to play Atelier Sophie again so it's installing rn

mostly cuz the translator has taken to referring to Atelier games a bunch?

...idk I could never quite get it/get into it enough tho? :c

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food, meat 

I forgot to take a picture! but I had breakfast sausages, some of them as a sandwich, and an apple, for a "breakfast" here
("breakfast" cuz it's morning time but we've been up all night)

interestingly, we've like... kinda noticed our problem with piano coming up with rythym games where we're using keys? like, unlike something like Cytus. just... can't get enough coordination?

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in particular, this might actually explain (some) of our troubles with rythym games.
...still convinced that we have, like, other mental issues that make it difficult, most likely, but

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Ben Eater: " unless you're using literally the cheapest keyboard available, it doesn't make a big difference for gaming."
looks down at literally cheapest USB keyboard available
...maybe we should get a new keyboard too, then

rambling about food + fantasy 

...well, this was going to be more of a ramble, but the words have stopped coming out of our brain, so

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rambling about food + fantasy 

so, like, we just watched and it has us thinking some about, like, all the aspects of food in different settings and I feel like rambling a bit about it and I may as well do it here?

just, like, the relative lack of food logistics in a "medieval" style fantasy world, or what it might look like in more futuristic ones, whether magic or tech, or even just, like, different cuisine with the possibility of entirely new plants and foodstuffs

food, meat 

inspired by someone else posting some food pics
not that our food looks good or anything, but,

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food, meat 

inspired by someone else, here's my dinner

very simple spamwich and my normal nuun

gosh though
there's a lot you could probably do with termux if yr motivated enough
just, like, the scope of actions allowed through termux-api and the networking ability

TIL Windows Git whatever ("Git Bash"?) includes vim, huh

"wait I know I haven't installed vim so where did it come from"

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