Hi @followbot (and your operator @erick)

My bio explicitely contains , so don't autofollow me.
*growls, snarls.*

@kellerfuchs Sorry about that! Adding you to the bot black list. Thanks!

@erick Rather, make the bot ignore people who have in their bio.

(Also, wipe its DB and make it unfollow everyone, since it probably crawled a ton of people who have set already)

@erick I see you're an instance admin for mamut.social. Bots that ignore are in violation of vulpine.club's terms of service. To avoid your instance being suspended, please let us know immediately once you have destroyed all vulpine.club user data collected by @followbot .

cc: @rey @mxsparks @kellerfuchs

@mxsparks_afterlight @rey @mxsparks @kellerfuchs The bot code is updated to respect #nobot. I do not have direct access to the DB to destroy such information, but I can contact my IT to request such information.

@mxsparks_afterlight @rey @mxsparks @kellerfuchs Already in touch with my IT guy to delete everything from vulpine.club, but he is on a different time zone.

I'll let you know when this is completed.

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