Added eleven new Creative Commons emojis, courtesy of @Curator :

:cc_cc:​ cc_cc
:cc_by:​ cc_by
:cc_sa:​ cc_sa
:cc_nd:​ cc_nd
:cc_nc_us:​ cc_nc_us
:cc_nc_eu:​ cc_nc_eu
:cc_nc_jp:​ cc_nc_jp
:cc_pd:​ cc_pd
:cc_zero:​ cc_zero
:cc_remix:​ cc_remix
:cc_share:​ cc_share

@mxsparks_afterlight @Curator

What's the license of these emjois themselves/would it be ok for other instances to use them?

If so, can we have these on Fosstodon, @kev

@codesections sure, if you email me the files ( I'll add them.

@mxsparks_afterlight @Curator

@mxsparks_afterlight @Curator Do you mind if I copy these over to the instance?

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