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@Azure ok he’s One of the Good Ones ;-)

(ditto both my parents, who employ only themselves)

@Azure self-identifying as a Small Business Owner(tm) is my favorite red flag for someone

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the past participle of “to sync” is “sunk,” fite me

trans lesbians “appropriating”/(re)claiming labrys tattoos 💯​👍​😊​:trans_heart:

trans issues on MetaFilter: noooope, nope, not gonna open that thread *sets computer on fire*

trans issues on Ask MetaFilter: *cracks knuckles* now listen here, we’re gonna warm the ever-livin’ heck out of your heart

@fluffy *immediately starts writing a set of troff macros called “enby”*

This is a “fix your hearts or die” moment. Treating every media product like a AAA game in terms of how workers get paid and consumers interact with it because doing that means you can make an argument for free stuff and turn a blind eye to the fact you’re exploiting workers making sub-minimum wage is a clear demonstration of your lack of solidarity. It matters to organizing. Offering less than capitalists do in terms of material support because you want free stuff is, in fact, destructive.

@VryKranky Like, I don’t know if people know how a writer hears “I pirated your book, but here’s five bucks.” I hear “I wanted the book, but not enough to pay your agent and editor, your comrades, who you know for a fact make less than minimum wage just like you.”

It is unappealing. And if it’s how we present ourselves to especially authors, if they think exploitation is what communists do, then I think we have failed.

wanting to win the lottery and build a commune with everyone you care about is lgbt culture

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