What I want to say: I have so many words describing the pain I see in you, and how much I love you and want what's best for you, I'm here, I see you, and I see your pain, let me make it better.

What I say: <3

@marnanel Solar panels? (But then, what’s the dark grey surrounding them?)

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This brings us to the reason why this poem, above all the other Medieval poems about trans people, is so widely studied. And the answer lies in the extent to which it not only tells us what Silence is thinking, but tells us all about Silence's thinking *about their own gender*. In other words, this 13th-century poem features long sequences during which a trans person questions their gender identity.

If you've had the patience to read through the thread I wrote a few months ago about Eleanor Rykener, you'll be familiar with the fact that trans people existed in Medieval Europe, and that they were spoken about in terms that were quite different from the ones we use today.

For this sequel, I would like to offer a complement to Eleanor's story, by following up that account of a real trans woman with the discussion of a fictional transmac person.

moderation update: we no longer federate with pl.pube.tk or daffodil-11.org. The former’s CoC bans “homosexual conduct (figuratively and literally),” i.e. about 80% of all v.c activity. The latter’s admin is mass-following people without regard to , and our CoC does state that “Follow bots will be blocked on sight.”

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the best way i know to explain nonbinary gender to cis people is the binary food comparison:

every food is either a sandwich or a dumpling

pizza? sandwich

steak? dumpling

salad? sandwich

potato? dumpling

just because something *can* be sorted into a binary, doesn't mean that's the best or most accurate way to describe it

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sneaky said “trans rights!” dailydot.com/unclick/sneaky-es

… no this does not mean I will stop hating him for being prettier than me, don’t be ridiculous 😹

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