people on feminizing HRT, how do you estrogen? (boost if you want)

@kumamushi @rey

I’ve eaten
the peaches
that were in
the freezer
and which you there
were saving for white men

Forgive me
for they were
so boring
and so ancient
irrelevant and cold

I said kid, when
you grow up
will you eat
the sweetness of the peaches
the rotten and the damned

@rey For some reason, I was hearing that to the tune of Black Parade.

@starkatt I had such high hopes for Wolfenstein II (mostly because gay for Caroline?) but I ragequit when they fridged her almost right away

the fat-shaming in that scene was as awful as the gore tbh

@pamela 🎵 kernel pagefault trap, code zero
panic in a half shell, kernel power! 🎵

@DarckCrystale as a former boy-with-skirts (and also a former-boy with skirts), i approve of this message

Boys with skirts.

Boost if you agree.

(yep, this is a re-edition, the first one died with my previous instance)

me: funny how I’m the only mod on this furry instance who exclusively self-IDs as exactly one human bean
also me: this store is out of my favorite shampoo and conditioner, guess I’ll just pick one
me: ...
me: mix clarity gee ess sparks, you get back here right this instant, young enby

re: Medium Article, Sports, Gymnastics, Larry Nasser, USA, Gymnastics, College, Athletics, One of the Hardest Articles Read in a Long Time, Abuse, Prolonged Abuse, Psychological Abuse, ABUSE, Sanctioned Abuse, Dehumanization, Extreme Competitiveness 

re: surgery 

re: tough news, tougher correction 

re: tough news, tougher correction 

Previously I had just piled all of these on top of each other and called it my hardware TCP/IP stack i’m not sorry

@rey yeah that’s why I did it, the router blinkenlights can be turned off in software but the cable modem is b r I g h t

@noelle next place I want to get a sheet of Masonite, a couple lengths of wire duct, & make it look like an actual Installation

just because I’m living the geobachelor(-ette) life in a 400sf studio right now, that doesn’t mean I have to live in a rat’s nest too

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