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Brunch with a @rey and an @ezricatte and almost half a gallon of coffee ☕️ :blobhearttranscat:

(photo: selfie, eye contact x3)

looks like i’ve got plenty of company with my choice of halloween costume :anarchy:​😼:acab::gCatLoveTrans:

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sad hacker tran takes selfie, actually feels cute, seeks validation from fediverse

when you finally get around to making a Bitmoji and it ends up kinda looking like a boy

i'm going to be a cat when i grow up
(specifically i'm going to be princess carolyn)

so i wondered why my laptop was so ridiculously hot when all i was doing was reading the blogotubes and

ban electron

(reposting with updated privacy settings)

so, uh, ... yeah this was about two months before i sat down with myself and was like, "huh. i guess i count as nonbinary, don't i"

the funny part is that my actual style is closer to lapis lazuli these days, because i've already spent thirty summers wearing trousers and being Too Hot, and i'll be gosh hecked if i'm ever doing that again 😅​

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the good news is that i got my university ID card updated

i look just as Perturbed as i did in my old one, but at least my hair is longer now 😹

[pic: photo ID w/ eye contact]

Guess what was left over from the lunch talk I just attended re: confronting bias? (Speaking of stereotypes...)

photo cw: food

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