me: funny how I’m the only mod on this furry instance who exclusively self-IDs as exactly one human bean
also me: this store is out of my favorite shampoo and conditioner, guess I’ll just pick one
me: ...
me: mix clarity gee ess sparks, you get back here right this instant, young enby

just because I’m living the geobachelor(-ette) life in a 400sf studio right now, that doesn’t mean I have to live in a rat’s nest too

I’d just like to take a moment and thank all the wonderful critters & bots & human beans on this instance for making @tastymochafox ’s and my jobs so much easier than they could be :trans_heart::nbfox:

guess my pokémon go avatar is pretty trans, huh

(Image description: 2 screenshots of a brunette with long bangs & a choker. she’s also wearing a pastel plaid button-down shirt (unbuttoned), a light blue athletic skirt, thigh high black socks, and running shoes)

A genderqueer Hylian warrior of the Gerudo Foreign Legion (2017, colorized)

ok but where do I sign up to appropriate all four of these 1970s Lesbian-Feminist slogans? “don’t die wondering” speaks to me the loudest, but “we are everywhere” is very good too

That’s weird, why does Link look like she needs to pee? ... Hey wait a second, why am I taking damage, there’s no one arou— 🥶🥶🥶

ah yes, the three genders

(I got *out* of paying the gender tax for once — my vitamins were like 20% less expensive than the men’s OR women’s kind)

cartoon portrayals: jesus (+), transphobic faith communities (-) 

1 like = 1 thing I’m looking forward to in 2019 (but in the morning because it’s late)

pic: selfie, eye contact

selfies, one with eye contact 

Brunch with a @rey and an @ezricatte and almost half a gallon of coffee ☕️ :blobhearttranscat:

(photo: selfie, eye contact x3)

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