aaaaah so i just caught up on the last 6 months of Mage & Demon Queen, and (no spoilers, but)
- omg awwwwwwww <3
- oh no how will they ever get out of this situation :o
- aw what total gay disasters :3


what's Mage & Demon Queen? aren't you glad you asked! it's an enormously cheesy yuri(?) webcomic set inside a non-specific RPG, telling the enemies-to-allies story of the two title characters. rated PG-13 for cartoon violence, mortal peril, and multiple concurrent arcs of massive as-yet-unresolved sexual tension.

@mxsparks don't forget the trans princess wants to kiss mage as well

@mxsparks i'm so ready for malori to polyam with leora and vel, thereby ending the war peacefully

i'm so very ready

@00dani you thought mal was OP now, just wait until she’s queen consort of the entire known world

@mxsparks I want to know where Queen Vel got those shoes. :heart_trans:

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