mh (-), am safe 

when you really want to want to live, but grim determination isn’t actually sustainable, and rage and spite are too intermittent to rely on, what’s a gxrl to do but take her meds and try to learn to love her future self enough to take care of her? (this is mostly a rhetorical question)

re: mh (-), am safe 

@mxsparks you are a lovely person and I'm sorry you're struggling

*offers virtual hugs*

- 🎒

mh (-), am safe 

@mxsparks sending love and support your way <3

mh (-), am safe 

@mxsparks the constant suspicion that one is in fact missing bits of the bigger picture while caught up in the reactive depression all of us currently live in?

mh (-), am safe 

@mxsparks additionally because “I would like this” is usually a perfectly okay reason for anything

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