awright everybody, we now have hugs with flags attached:

:hugs:​ is just hugs
:hugs_syn:​ hugs_syn = hugs + ❓
:hugs_ack:​ hugs_ack = hugs + ✔️
:hugs_rst: hugs_rst = hugs + ❌
:hugs_urg:​ hugs_urg = hugs + ❗
:hugs_inf:​ hugs_inf = hugs + ∞
:hugs_idk:​ hugs_idk = hugs + ⁉️
:hugs_meh:​ hugs_meh = hugs + shruggie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

credit for most of those (as far as i can tell) goes to / via the LGBTQ in Tech Slack in early 2016

@frostwolf yeah 😬 i probably should’ve changed the background from transparent to white

@mxsparks Oh that'd be worse. >,,>

Honestly probably the best thing would just be to have a slightly lighter blue. That wouldn't impact legibility on light backgrounds I think.

@mxsparks it may just be me, but it's *really* hard for me to see the blue symbols against the dark grey background of the text columns. any chance that the color could be changed, or maybe lightened a bit?

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