medium take: normalize cisgender people using they/them, Mx., etc. iff they want -- it's not like there are enough of *us* to make it a thing

Ms.: an honorific invented because it's none of your business whether someone is married or not

Mx.: an honorific invented because it's none of your business whether someone is a man or a woman or not?

(insert my canned rant about how "trans rights" are for everybody, and no, not just as a recruiting tool)

@mxsparks yes good but also make sure those cis ppl know that "abolish gender" means abolishing the gender binary instead of saying that no one's allowed to have a gender anymore

@mxsparks @velexiraptor it's like "death to america"

they don't want to kill everyone on the continent, they want to kill the concept of one specific country this is literally exactly why I've always been super confused and side-eyeing them when people act like Mx. is some weird new thing

@mxsparks This also normalizes people trying out new pronouns! I remember when I used they/them "to normalize it"... and then was like "hold on a second, I *like* this."

@dconley heck yes! that mental barrier to asking for a thing for the first time is huge, and anything that lowers it even a little bit helps

(i'm not gonna say that's the *primary* benefit, because DrSparks already makes fun of me for evangelizing transness, but it's up there)

@mxsparks to add to this:

We also don't want to replace the gender binary with a gender trinary. They and Mx aren't supposed to be "the way to refer to NB people". It's supposed to be gender neutral, aka for use by anyone

Saying that cis people can't use gender neutral lamguage would defeat the point of gender neutrality

@TerrorBite I say “mix,” although apparently it’s “mux” on the other side of the pond

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