I was having a crappy day today ... but then I learned Wendy Carlos and Weird Al Yankovic recorded Peter and the Wolf together, *and* it’s downloadable from the Internet Archive:

@mxsparks it's a really good album, the revamped carnival of the animals is really underrated

@starless I’m going to have to break out my good cans for this, aren’t I? 🥰🥰🥰

@mxsparks I lean towards The Big Speakers for Carlos, but that's because the majority of her records that I have are on vinyl (I'd like to get Peter and the Wolf in that format, but that's at least fifty bucks on the used market), but The Good Cans should absolutely suffice

@mxsparks Thank you! Coincidentally, I learnt the other day that David Bowie narrated a classical version of Peter and the Wolf

@mxsparks This was one of the first CDs I ever bought, back when CDs were a new thing. It's a splendid recording.


I love the B-Side of that tape too, it's a bunch of bad poems and good synth compositions about animals. :D

@mxsparks How are we just now finding out about this?! This is amazing!

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