I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

@mxsparks been sitting here for hours trying to figure out how "auto raise" works in this metaphor

@datn @mxsparks That's "audio raise". One of the ~130 opened tabs is playing music and I don't know which one 😜

@mxsparks I'd tell you this is great, but you've already moved on to something else. Probably with cats.

@mxsparks i had to disable that on my elementary OS desktop, cuz when using hot corners to switch between full screen apps, it'd sometimes get stuck

particularly annoying when the app is a vpn that uselessly swallows all keyboard combinations of get me out of here

@mxsparks I didn't know that was an adhd thing? I thought that was how it usually is

@0 (1) je suis américaine et très stupide, je ne parle pas français
(2) i don’t give a rat’s ass whether some “journalist” thinks ADHD is fake or not
(3) go fuck yourself.

@0 oh no, dear boy, this is *not* going to be a referendum on that
I say again: go fuck yourself into the sun

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